AmazonGlobal Export Countries and Regions

We deliver products internationally with Amazon Global. Available product lines, delivery rates and fees may vary depending on the delivery address for your order.

Due to COVID-19, air-travel has been restricted, which impacts on our ability to deliver products as quickly and efficiently as we do during normal times. International deliveries may take longer than usual and certain delivery destinations might see further restrictions. You can find the most up-to-date delivery estimates at checkout.

The following countries and regions are eligible for AmazonGlobal:

Argentina Latvia
Austria Liechtenstein
Bahrain Lithuania
Belgium Luxembourg
Bermuda Macao
Brazil Malaysia
Bulgaria Malta
Canada Mexico
Chile Netherlands
China Nigeria
Colombia Norway
Costa Rica Oman
Croatia Panama
Cyprus Peru
Czech Republic Philippines
Denmark Poland
Ecuador Portugal
Egypt Romania
Estonia Saudi Arabia
Finland Serbia
France Singapore
Germany Slovakia
Greece Slovenia
Guadeloupe South Africa
Hong Kong Spain
Hungary Sweden
Iceland Switzerland
India Taiwan
Indonesia Thailand
Ireland Trinidad and Tobago
Israel United Arab Emirates
Italy United States
Japan Uruguay
Jordan Venezuela




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