Fulfilled by Amazon

Items ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ (FBA) are offered by a third-party seller but dispatched to you from an Amazon Fulfillment Centre.

All Amazon standard delivery rates and policies apply to these items when delivered domestically, including free delivery on qualifying orders and Prime delivery. International delivery may not be available for all items.

When we dispatch your order, we list the carrier, dispatch date and estimated delivery date for your package in Your Account, and in your delivery confirmation email. You can track your package in Your Orders.

We also handle all customer service and product returns for ‘Fulfilled by Amazon’ items.

Orders containing FBA items that are sold by third-party sellers can be delivered to the United Kingdom and destination countries supported by FBA export. The seller, at their discretion, decides whether to support FBA export. Currently, only media items (books, music, DVDs and video games) can be delivered outside the EU.

If you need to return an FBA item, visit our Returns Centre for a return mailing label and return mailing authorisation. See Return Items You Ordered for more information.

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