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Solomon Kane

6.11 h 43 min201215
Solomon Kane is a brutal killing machine: he and his men unleash chaos as they fight for England. Things change when he is visited by the Devil’s reaper, dispatched to lay claim on his soul. He has to redeem himself by renouncing violence. As Kane embarks on his newfound spirituality he has to face a test: will he jeopardise his own soul by re-embracing his murderous talents for a higher cause?
M.J. Bassett
James PurefoyIan WhyteMax von Sydow
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Rachel Hurd-WoodPete PostlethwaiteMackenzie CrookRory McCannJason Flemyng
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4.3 out of 5 stars

1643 global ratings

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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Spike OwenReviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 March 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Kane Game!
Verified purchase
Scrubs up nice on Blu-ray.

Solomon Kane is directed by Michael J. Bassett and Bassett adapts the character of Kane from the magazine character created by Robert E. Howard. It stars James Purefoy, Rachael Hurd-Wood, Pete Postlethwaite and Anthony Wilks. Music is by Klaus Badelt and cinematography by Dan Laustsen.

It's early 1600 and English mercenary Solomon Kane (Purefoy) is informed by the Devils Reaper that his wicked ways have damned his soul for eternity. Not wanting to spend eternity with old Nick and all his hellish instruments of torture, Kane escapes and renounces violence and converts to Puritanism - that is until a wicked turn of events in his life sends him on the violent road to redemption.

Solomon Kane was created by pulp writer Robert E. Howard, who would a few years later also create Conan The Barbarian, safe to say then that swords and sorcery was at the time of his life in the 1920s/30s on his mind. It's also safe to say here that if this type of genre swish and swash is not your thing then this will definitely not convert you into being someone who suddenly does. However, fans of such fare are in for a treat, where not for the first time a picture that bombed at the box office - and got a delayed release in The States - has broken free of supposed stinker damnation to become a firm cult favourite to like minded souls.

Kane is our anti-hero, a real hard dude who ends up living by the fight evil with evil mantra. In the hands of Purefoy and his director, Kane is moody personified, the whole film dishing out ladles of brood and dark thematics as religion and dark arts come under the microscope. The action is well choreographed, plenty of blood letting and head loping, accompanied by swivels and lurches. Imagery is potent - such as graveyards and reaper lairs, while Bassett firmly believes in soaking his cast in mud and rags, all for realistic payment.

Some popular actors slot in for some support work, which is a bonus, and although the finale is not without problems (main baddie all to brief, the big showdown likewise), this rounds out as an imaginatively and thrillingly mounted period genre piece. 8/10
6 people found this helpful
Mr. David TitleyReviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 January 2020
2.0 out of 5 stars
a fighter's tale
Verified purchase
Liked Purefoy - it's why I bought it. He gives his all but the story is so simple and predictable that there is hardly any point watching. there is no real villain to fight just lots of people in cheap'zombie make-up. There is a pointless crucifixion but nothing is made of it in the script. Teh central character is taciturn but no one talks about him because there are no subplots or other main characters - so we never know anything about him, and since he is the only character that makes him just a troubled fighting machine.
In summary; characterless fighter starts out bad killing people ends up 'redeemed ' but also killing people after encounters with sorcerers and demons and zombies and mad cleric.
Well made in sub freezing temperatures has a nordic feel to the photography but one for the charity shop....
One person found this helpful
WritearoundReviewed in the United Kingdom on 03 July 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Decent fantasy film with a touch of Darkness and angst.
Verified purchase
Great film for its time with decent plot and cast. James Purefoy should have been given more credit for this role. Due to poor marketing and messed up release dates in America/UK it didn't make its money back or get much publicity. Shame could have gone on for a sequel and Purefoy didn't get the James Bond role he must have been gutted but he is a good actor and could have brought a bit more angst to the role if they let him off the 'brand leash'. If you enjoy fantasy this is a good watch.
One person found this helpful
MartinlawrencecocksedgeReviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 April 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
engrossing fantasy movie
Verified purchase
arrived next prime delivery. bought in mind for my mother who desired to rewatch the film which captured her interest. fantasy action adeventure set in 17th century. based character soloman kane sets about a quest for redemption to save prevent his soul going eternally to hell from a demon who pledged sealing his doom. story is probable on the cards, plain simple manner, style of story is revealing from thd creater of movie fine story,action,visual effects are superb, set pieces and fight scenes okay.
One person found this helpful
AdamReviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 April 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
It don't work no more!!
Verified purchase
I got this film in 2017 and it doesn't work no more, when I brought it from here it worked but I thought it was my PS4 but I have a new PS4 now and it still doesn't work. It's a brilliant film I would have give it 5 stars if my film still worked. I have other Blu-Ray films older than this one and they still work fine I don't know why this has happened. I would imagine it's a faulty Blu-Ray disc but now I'm stuck with a Blu-Ray DVD that don't work I am pretty miffed cuz this is a brilliant film.
2 people found this helpful
SPCleaverReviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 December 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Finally got round to watching this film which I purchased back in May 2020, only to find that although it is a region B BluRay disk NOTHING I have can actually recognise it or play it.
I've tried PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, PS5 & Bluray player & NOTHING can play it so if you purchase this title make sure you try it out QUICKLY so you don't end up wasting your money like I have !!!
K. G. A. AlaviReviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 December 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
Heroes, Swords and Sourcery - Total Entertainment
Verified purchase
I really enjoyed this movie. It is based on Robert E Howard the Creator of Conan. His style of storytelling is very apparent in the film.

Rampaging pirate Solomon Kane breaks into a tomb to steal the treasure. The problem is it is a trap by a demon to claim his soul for the devil; due to a mysterious bargain struck and Kane's life of murder. Kane's crew is slaughtered, but he defies the demon and escapes. To save his soul he tries everything from covering his body in religious symbols to abstaining from violence and trying to live a life of peace. He is told to leave the church as the head priest has a vision he is meant for a greater purpose. Now demons are escaping hell. Kane must take up the sword and fight to save the daughter of a family who was kind to him.

Good action, good story, good visual effects all in all a very good film. I enjoyed it all the way through. The only down side for me was too many kids killed in it for my taste. I realise it was to show the brutality of the evil army, but still. Good movie I enjoyed it.
10 people found this helpful
Darth MaciekReviewed in the United Kingdom on 07 March 2012
3.0 out of 5 stars
A honest, good fantasy/adventure movie, trying hard to stay faithful to R.E. Howard style - but only partly succeeding
Verified purchase
Of all the extremely numerous Robert E. Howard stories, those describing the adventures and tribulations of Solomon Kane are amongst the most succesful - and also possibly the hardest to film. Therefore one must already give a good point to Michael J. Bassett for even trying to tackle this great classic of fantasy/adventure letters. In my personal opinion, this film managed well to reproduce the ultra-dark style of Solomon Kane stories, but was less succesful in picturing the "hero" himself - and that notwithstanding the really good performance of James Purefoy.

After reading all the stories about Kane, I personally came to believe that he was not entirely alive - for me Solomon Kane was a kind of spectral shade of a man, paroled from the Purgatory and released on Earth to track the worst kind of warlocks, witches and all other kind of people using the surnatural to commit evil deeds. I was comforted in this feeling by the fact that he seemed never eat, drink or sleep and in all his dealings with people he was as laconic, cold and distant as possible. Also, Kane is always described as gaunt and grim with almost dead eyes, but still looking at the world with a kind of cold intensity. Now, for this movie, James Purfoy created a Kane who was quite grim and threatening, but not even close to the one from the books - his Kane certainly looks very dangerous but no one would mistake him for a vengeful wraith!

Even more important were the mistakes in the scenario. Kane is supposed to be a Puritan, and this allegiance strengthens considerably his dangerosity (Puritans were after all as fanatical as today's jihadists) - but in the beginning we see him living in a monastery, an institution which for a Puritan would be the very forteress of Devil and his Papist servants! After that we see Kane gently entertaining (totally innocently) a beautiful damsel - which is completely against the character from the stories! Finally, I believe that giving Kane a background and explaining it, was at least partially a mistake - this character was so cool in the books because he was a complete mystery. The one thing known, was that he was a man with mission and that very probably that mission was in the same time his redemption and his pennance - but his past and especially the horrible sins he had to atone for were unknown. By removing this veil of mystery, I believe the character in the movie was harmed.

That being said, if one discards Robert E. Howard stories, this film is very honest. Some of the episodes in the movie were borrowed from others Howard stories (especially the "Conan" series) but they were very skillfully included. The subplot including Kane's family was not half bad - even if as I stated before I believe it would be even better if it was not included... The episodes with the witch and the lone priest in the abandoned church were excellent! The villains were very evil and the ultimate foe is very impressive. And the whole visual aspect of the film is excellent. James Purfoy plays admirably. Rachel Hurd-Wood is certainly a delight to contemplate - gosh, did this girl grow well since "Peter Pan"! Last but not least, it is one of the last occasions when we could admire Pete Postlethwaite considerable talent, which sadly is now no more available...

Bottom line, this is a very honest fantasy/adventure movie, although definitely not a masterpiece - you just need to forget a little about Robert E. Howard stories if you want to appreciate it and spend a nice popcorn/movie evening.
One person found this helpful
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