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6.91 h 40 min1988X-RayPG
A darkly comic and surreal contemporization of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, this effects-heavy Bill Murray holiday vehicle from 1988 sees the former SNL funnyman assuming the role of television executive Frank Cross, the meanest and most depraved man on earth.
Richard Donner
Robert MitchumAlfre WoodardBobcat Goldthwait
English [CC]
Audio Languages
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Supporting actors
Bill MurrayJohn ForsytheDavid JohansenCarol KaneJohn GloverKaren AllenNicholas PhillipsMichael J. Pollard
Art LinsonStephen J. Roth
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4.7 out of 5 stars

5673 global ratings

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  2. 11% of reviews have 4 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Jack RansomReviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 December 2019
3.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Trying to get in some Christmas films before next Wednesday. Scrooged sees selfish cynical television executive Frank Cross (Bill Murray) haunted by three ghosts bearing lessons on Christmas Eve.

Like everyone I am familiar with the story of ‘A Christmas Carol’ so I was interested to see this take on the story with Murray at the focus. For the most part (especially the first half) this works, the jokes are entertaining and mostly land and some of the slapstick and running gags are hilarious (e.g. the woman assistant who is constantly unlucky enough to keep getting injured). The ghost sections are visually engaging and each unique in their visual style and tones, the highlight visually being the Ghost Of Christmas Future which brings in some cool and impressive practical horror elements and the Ghost Of Christmas Past being the most entertaining. The film’s script does have genuine heart to it and you can easily forgive the very cheesy finale because it just works extremely well as a closer to what we’ve and an arc for Frank’s character.

Murray is as good as always here. He’s clearly relishing the chance to play a horrible person. Frank is genuinely one of the most unlikeable character’s I’ve seen in a comedy yet also very funny at times with biting sarcasm and borderline psychotic behaviour and rudeness to the general public and his employees, this really is a credit to Murray’s performance. Bobcat Goldthwait is funny as Eliot Loudermilk who is fired on Christmas Eve by Frank and begins to have the worst day of his life. It’s also good seeing Robert Mitchum in a comedic role as Frank’s boss Preston Rhinelander, Alfre Woodard and Nicholas Phillips are a good emotional centre to the film and easily the scene stealing performance aside from Murray is David Johansen as the Ghost Of Christmas Past who is an absolute cackling riot.

Karen Allen is a good as Frank’s love interest, however I didn’t buy their relationship as much as the film probably expected me to. The pacing of this film also could’ve have been improved. Even though the Christmas Past section is the best it takes up a significant chunk of the film and means the other two sections don’t get as much time. It’s interesting and sweet seeing Grace’s family time, however I did find Carol Kane’s voice performance as the Ghost Of Christmas Present slightly irritating and the slapstick between her and Frank does become repetitive and obviously like every comedy not every joke lands and some here don’t land as well as they should and either go on a bit too long or are just unfunny.

Scrooged is an entertaining Christmas comedy with a great lead performance from Bill Murray and some memorable ghost sections and funny slapstick and situational gags and a cheesy but fitting ending. The film does have some pacing issues and there are some repetitive jokes and not every line lands. However I can still definitely say Scrooged is worth Christmas viewing.
4 people found this helpful
SpyriReviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 January 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
My 11yo and 8yo wouldn't watch past the opening scenes.
Verified purchase
I grew up in the USA (gun worshipping society) and loved this movie as a kid. Well, my UK-raised kids found the opening scenes (advert) with the men attacking Santa with machine guns (never thought twice about it as a kid in the USA- how typical) just too much and refused to watch it any further. Have to admit, I think my kids have a point! Therefore, 2 stars....
8 people found this helpful
kevomoregoReviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 December 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Don't waste your money!
Verified purchase
Probably the worst film I've ever seen although I only watched half of it before turning it off. No script, make it up as you go along, often the actors did whole scenes just repeating the same words in different ways. The great Bill Murray was left to wallow in this sinking ship with little to do but mug at the camera. There didn't seem to be a director as such, just a series of pointless camera angles. It keeps promising more but never actually delivers.
One person found this helpful
A FortuneReviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 December 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Absolute Stinker!
Verified purchase
I’m American, but have lived in the UK for 20 years. I had last seen this as a kid in the States and remembered it being middling funny. Wow, how tastes change! This movie is an absolute stink bomb. I cannot recommend anything positive about it. Whilst the concept sounds as though it would be amusing, there is not a scintilla of humour in this foul puddle of puerile drivel. I cannot see it being even slightly funny to anyone but an American audience of 40 years ago. I was embarrassed. If I’d just come out of a cinema showing it I would have affected an accent or pretended to be Canadian (like it was 2003 again). Spare yourself the agony & save your precious time!
MattReviewed in the United Kingdom on 01 March 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Scrooge Bluray does play on UK bluray players.
Verified purchase
Hi this Bluray of Scrooged Does play on UK bluray players.
Region Free.

Picture Ratio - 1.78.1 Widescreen
. Full Screen.

Audio - English 5.1 HD MASTER AUDIO, French Stereo Dolby Digital, Spanish Mono Dolby Digital.

Subtitles - English, English SDH, French, Portuguese, Spanish.

Extra Features - Trailer.

I am very pleased with my purchase. M, J, B.
One person found this helpful
GazReviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 January 2022
4.0 out of 5 stars
Unofficial Ghostbusters sequel?!
Verified purchase
I love all things Ghostbusters. Until there was the Reboot (ignore the haters there's fun to be had here) and Afterlife (a very fun Stranger Things twist to the formula) this was like an alternate universe GB3 for me. If Venkman were a TV exec' this is what he'd end up being like! Super use of the cameos and obviously Bill Murray does his thing as always. I like his little gestures as much as his sharp dialogue delivery and improv skills. Things like glancing at his watch while checking how many years since he last saw the love of his life. Genius!
Georgina BruceReviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 December 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Best christmas film ever
Verified purchase
Bill Murray is on amazing form in this funny and heartwarming film about a modern-day Scrooge who has to confront his many terrible flaws and find love in his heart. Absolutely wonderful, slapstick, witty and full of endearing characters. My favourite is the Ghost of Christmas Present - a violent anarchic fairy played to perfection by Carol Kane. It's just a lovely film that even the most Bah Humbug of us can enjoy. Happy Christmas!
2 people found this helpful
Mr. J. J. BrettReviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 December 2011
4.0 out of 5 stars
A great update of a classic story
Verified purchase
I love this movie. It's one of my top ten Christmas films. Yes, Bill Murray pretty much plays himself. Yes, the ending is too sentimental in a way that only Americans can do. No, it doesn't matter. Dickens's story never fails to engage. The relocation of the action to 1980s New York with a curmudgeonly TV exec' in the lead role works really well. The ghosts are refreshingly different with the exception of Christmas yet-to-be who probably only ever really works as a faceless shrouded figure.

The story should be familiar to all by now and Scrooged follows the premise fairly closely. Frank Cross (Murray) has achieved his current exalted position by sacrificing his personal life, his family and his girlfriend on the altar of ambition. He marks Christmas Eve by authorising a horrific TV trailer for a live showing of A Christmas Carol even though it has caused the death of an elderly viewer. He sacks another exec' played by Bobcat Goldthwaite for disagreeing with him and forces his PA to work late even though she has a doctor's appointment for her son who cannot speak. Goldthwaite's character and his rapid descent into alcoholic decrepitude are interspersed with Murray's adventures with the ghosts. Despite Goldthwaite's weird vocal delivery and his previous form as a crazed baddie in Police Academy, he plays the nerdy exec well and it is difficult to imagine anyone else playing the part.

Murray retires to his office and is visited by the ghost of his old boss (a cue for some gruesome make up and prosthetics) who warns him that he will be visited by three ghosts. After some spooky shenanigans in a restaurant Murray is picked up by the ghost of Christmas Past who takes him back to 1955 a la Back to the Future in a ghostly Checker Cab. Here he sees his childhood, his early career and the love of his life played by Karen Allen. Then to the ghost of Christmas Present played by Carol Kane as a fairy with an irritating high voice and a penchant for violence. She shows Murray how his actions affect his overworked and underpaid PA and his brother whilst finding time to kick him in the 'nads and belt him in the face with a toaster. Finally the ghost of Christmas yet-to-be shows him the future if he doesn't change his ways. This ends with Murray actually finding himself in his coffin as it enters the crematorium before returning to reality to get shot at by Goldthwaite.

In between each ghostly visitation Murray interacts with various people including his brother, his ex-girlfriend, a rival exec from LA and three down-and-outs all of who help shape the change in his personality. Murray's journey also runs parallel to the live showing of A Christmas Carol being played out in the TV studio and Murray causes mayhem on set when he returns there after a ghostly experience. He also returns to the set after his Christmas epiphany and uses the opportunity to spread the word about the spirit of Christmas to the viewing multitudes. This is where the film descends into sentimental schmaltz but it's feelgood Christmas schmaltz so I don't mind.

There are loads of references to classic TV shows and the eighties setting doesn't date the film too much. My favourite scene is the restaurant one where Murray flips out after being served a Highball with an eyeball (by Grouty from Porridge of all people) and thinking one of the waiters has caught fire. Murray's pratfall as he leaves the restaurant is brilliant and never fails to make me laugh. The prelude with Lee Majors is a hoot and could've formed the basis for an actual movie. If you fancy a helping of Scrooge without the Victorian trappings then this film is for you. Top Christmas viewing.
8 people found this helpful
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