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5.41 h 23 min2011X-Ray12
After losing contact with earth, astronaut Lee Miller becomes stranded in orbit alone aboard an international space station. As time passes, and his life support systems start to dwindle, Lee has to battle to maintain his sanity and stay alive. His world becomes a lonely, claustrophobic and dangerous existence, until he makes a strange discovery aboard the ship that changes everything.
William Eubank
Ambyr ChildersGunner WrightCorey Richardson
Science FictionDramaMusic Videos and Concerts
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Bradley HorneBradley Horne
High Fliers
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3.3 out of 5 stars

177 global ratings

  1. 42% of reviews have 5 stars
  2. 8% of reviews have 4 stars
  3. 15% of reviews have 3 stars
  4. 3% of reviews have 2 stars
  5. 31% of reviews have 1 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

macabee200Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 May 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
I just can't even what?
Verified purchase
Any Simpsons fans reading this? Do you remember the episode where the Itchy and Scratchy cartoon is stolen by a competitor Saturday morning kids' show? So Krusty is forced to show "Eastern Europe's favorite cat and mouse team, Worker and Parasite!"?

And do you remember what Krusty's face looked like when they cut back to him after the cartoon ends?

That's what your face will look like when this movie ends.

I'm going to let you into a fact I didn't know before I watched this. But I think we're expected to know it. This movie was paid for by a rock band. They have an album by the same name. Two, in fact. And there are moments when this movie starts to look a lot like a pop promo video – models draping themselves over the protagonist.

What's missing from this film is... Well, nearly everything is missing. Plot. Character. Antagonists. It's a couple of scenes stretched out to 90 minutes. It doesn't just borrow from Kubrick. It breaks into his house and empties out the safe. But it leaves behind all the really valuable stuff, because whoever made this film doesn't realise what's actually valuable in Kubrick's film making.

This comes so close to behind a coherent, and possibly even quite good film. But it misses. And this means one isn't left feeling love at the end of the film. You're left feeling frustrated.
BagpussReviewed in the United Kingdom on 02 May 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
What was it meant to be?
Verified purchase
The voice over at the start of the movie was irritating and annoying and really, I should have switched off there, but I didn't. The rest of the movie? Just as irritating and annoying. It made very little sense, thoughts and ideas put down by the writer which were supposedly meaningful and deep, were nothing more than boring musings with little to no meaning and no point whatsoever. People likened it to 2001, but don't be fooled, this is a far cry from that movie.
The blurb says 'No Gravity, No Time, No Hope,' but it should have also said, No Sense, No Story, No Point.
If you like to be bored silly, then this movie is for you.
2 people found this helpful
VicuñaReviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 February 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
Weird, watchable but frustrating ending
Verified purchase
What an odd film. It all started so well. A lone astronaut out on the Space Station doing maintenance work. He’s linked to a soldier from the American Civil war who was sent on a mission. And then there’s a range of individuals who appear with cameo reminiscences. All very intriguing. Things start to go wrong on the ISS and communications break down. Time passes and astronaut is challenged by isolation.

We watch as he deals with his situation and wonder how all the threads will come together. It’s partly a story of resolution in the face of adversity, perseverance, hope and loss but as the film started to take ended. Very frustrating as it’s not a film I enjoyed enough to watch again to see if it makes better sense. A decent enough soundtrack, not too intrusive. This could have been a s I fi cult classic, but it falls short by ending abruptly with too many unresolved issues. Confusing.
One person found this helpful
madmonty12345Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 February 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
'Love' this movie
Verified purchase
Well, if like me you love 2001 Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick, you will like this film a lot. If you don't then I strongly suggest you avoid it.

I am not surprised at the almost same number of positive and negative reviews for this film, its truly is cinematic marmite, you'll love it or hate it.

Personally I was a little confused at the beginning, then became even more confused and bemused, but I remembered on seeing 2001, and feeling much the same way. However, in the last 15 minutes this film 'pays off', with a brilliant homage to Kubrick's incredible vision that is 2001 A space Odyssey. It even manages its own thoughtful twist, which I will not reveal.

This is 'slow' cinema at its best, capturing what it would be like, isolated in a space station, orbiting the earth, not knowing what is happening. There are little references to John Carpenter's Dark Star in the madness that being in Space so long must bring. At times this little movie even manages to be deeply philosophical about the human condition, which I always argue is the sign of good Science fiction.

So in conclusion, if like me you like 'hard core' Science fiction, which will infuriate you, bemuse you, but in the end leave you with its story and images resonating in your mind , then this film is a must. If however like you Sci Fi more straight forward , with plenty of CGI and action (put down that light sabre Eugene), then avoid, or you'll be bored stupid.
4 people found this helpful
TruReviewed in the United Kingdom on 08 December 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
Good for what it is.
Verified purchase
The movie is good for low price sci-fi (meaning low price blu-ray). It is not full of action if that is what you are looking for. Most of the movie has only one actor showing. If that is what you are looking for, as was my case, then you will probably going to like this.
I am not going to be negative about a couple of things that could drastically improve the movie (IMO). As is, the movie is a good escape. Some people compare it to 2001. These people have probably never watched 2001. There is no comparison. Love is good for what it is, which is why I give it 4/5 but in strict terms, doesn't even approach 2001. Not even with a telescope.
HowardReviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 January 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Arty Trash
Verified purchase
This film is one of the worse films I have ever seen. Its just arty trash. It is completely incomprehensible nonsense. It makes no sense at all and is unbearably boring. Well acted and some good visuals but despite this complete trash.
2 people found this helpful
Peter DalzielReviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 June 2014
4.0 out of 5 stars
Sci Fi
Verified purchase
This is a bit of a slow burner this one, I would say its along the same lines of other movies such as "Moon" and "2001 - A Space Odyssey".
Thats not a bad thing though because this is a vey well crafted head trip filled with fascinating and sometimes quite beautiful imagery.
An astronaut orbiting the Earth loses all contact with his fellow human beings and starts to go a little stir crazy as the days and weeks pass slowly by.
I will not blab any spoilers but I would urge you to see this picture.
The soundtrack is first class too.
One person found this helpful
MUHAMMAD CARTOONISTReviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 March 2016
2.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Mostly crap.
Has a great last 25 minutes !
A clever story, but this only spans the last 25 minutes, so about an hour is rubbish.
This would make a brilliant twilight zone or outer limits episode !! - not a film !
One person found this helpful
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