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London Has Fallen

5.91 h 39 min2016X-Ray15
The sequel to the worldwide smash hit Olympus Has Fallen begins in London, where the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances.
Babak Najafi
Gerard ButlerAaron EckhartMorgan Freeman
English [CC]
Audio Languages
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Supporting actors
Angela BassettMelissa LeoAlon AboutboulRadha Mitchell
Mark GillGerard ButlerMatt O'TooleLes WeldonJohn ThompsonAlan Siegel
Content advisory
Foul languageviolence
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4.4 out of 5 stars

9237 global ratings

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  2. 15% of reviews have 4 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

R RReviewed in the United Kingdom on 03 October 2016
1.0 out of 5 stars
Oh dear
Verified purchase
Rubbish film from start to finish. Olympus was good as an action film but this dribble, omg. Mr freeman must have been drunk to accept this film. Butler and eckhart was good in the first outing in Washington but this film feels a lot like a video game in parts. I'm talking about one of the scenes in London at night I think it was where butler meets up with the SAS. The secret service guy then tells the SAS sergeant how it's going to go. They might as well have had the Stars and Stripes flying above his head at that point. And then half the SAS guys get killed. I mean come on, really. An elite highly trained group of soldiers getting knocked of like they was coconuts at the fair ground. Ok ok butler is the hero here and the central character and the hero is going to win, I know that, but it just feels false . Butler after talking to the SAS guys then runs through the darkened streets taking out the bad guys and as I said referring it to a vid game you just can't help but think it looks like one. Like him hiding behind the wall and jumping through the window into the street. How video game is that I ask you. Goodness knows how much money was put into this dribble. Total flop me thinks it was. Total total flop. Note to the producers of this film. Please please please do not make a third. My eyes or brain couldn't take it.
99 people found this helpful
ukbigmacReviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 March 2017
1.0 out of 5 stars
Terrible beyond belief
Verified purchase
I expected an action movie with a simple plot, a few explosions and car chases. The plot for this film is pathetic - the terrorist organisation attacking have apparently recruited over 50% of the Met Police, ambulance workers and even UK soldiers. It's so unbelievable it's laughable and the effects are shockingly bad. Seriously don't bother watching this!!!!
74 people found this helpful
GraceReviewed in the United Kingdom on 08 November 2019
1.0 out of 5 stars
Painful to watch - why does America think us Brits talk like this!
Verified purchase
Painful to watch, doubt if I’ll get to the end. Why does America think us brits all talk so posh!? it’s actually comical and spoils viewing when it is meant to be building up tension. It is comical how they portray various nationalities so stereotypically. So when the film is building up tension, I'm laughing at the ridiculous accents and comments. OK where do they get their writers, where do they do their research? To do to the Americans what they've done to the Brits in this film, all Americans would be waving a flag, a gun and singing Land of the free.

For a high up officer to say in the poshest voice when speaking to his men "…Muck in and get it right!" well this just wouldn't happen. He sounded absolutely ridiculous. Not all officers or Brits speak so posh and proper, and if they do they certainly DON’T say "Muck in", that was so wrong, misquoted, us Brits would say “don’t muck it up”

if it were that important the whole area would be sealed off and people screened and we have many plain clothed Polcie officers in the general crowd, when they are allowed at these events, at distance behind barriers, the roads aren't open. so the plain clothed guys would snuff out the enemy.

the other annoying thing about this and the Olympus predecessor is how the producers have set up the sound so the talking is quiet, I turn it up to make them out, then the "background" cinematic trying to be grand music, as lovely and brilliant as it is, is just too loud, so I deafen the neighbourhood and have to grab the volume knob to turn it down. Then immediately after talking quiet, I miss it, have to rewind to replay it. This goes on throughout both films and totally distracts from the actually story and only if I am determined enough do I get t the end, via lots of volume changes and rewinds!!

And sorry but infiltrators into the Police, Queen’s guards would not be possible, and if they were, would be shot immediately. Police etc wouldn't stand tall letting the enemy shoot them. How corny that one lonely American manages not to be shot, but then I guess that's the film. I was hoping for something less corny.
23 people found this helpful
Bellicose50Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 01 January 2018
1.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I quite enjoyed Olympus has Fallen but this was appalling. Totally implausible -- what, insert villains into the Metropolitan Police, the ambulance service, and the Queen's Guard all at the same time? The Metropolitan Police Commissioner as the sole point of contact with the White House? Empty London streets? The White House surprised that a major terrorist attack is all over social media? Weak script. No acting. And Aaron Eckhart lets himself be taken hostage again. I couldn't even be bothered to watch to the end.
46 people found this helpful
ActualReviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 March 2017
1.0 out of 5 stars
USA save the day as us Brits are so incapable... again! Groan.....
Verified purchase
Tripe! Easy enough to watch but you wont care about anyone or anything as you just wait to watch the next bad guy get killed in a blast of action set-pieces to the finish. Though there is a well done, supposedly 'one continuous shot' action scene that tracks down a London street where the hero and the SAS start at one end taking out the baddies until they reach the other end of the street. But that scene alone isn't worth the money for this hyper-unrealistic USA save the day dross.
62 people found this helpful
Allan EwartReviewed in the United Kingdom on 01 January 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Total Garbage Propaganda BS
Verified purchase
The main reason this -B movie is so bad is not just because of the rubbish acting or the fact that "Mike the hero" is completely and utterly indestructible (surviving a direct missile hit and the resulting helicopter crash? Really? And then taking out about 150 "terrorists" single handed lol) no, it's bad because it is total propaganda a** backwards BS.

Are we supposed to feel all fuzzy and warm inside because the US President is a real stand-up guy promoting freedom across the globe? Are there really people who still fall for this fake nonsense? Come on, the real truth of the matter is the US Government of the day are the real criminals who created the fake "war on terror". Educate yourselves and stop believing this bs!
18 people found this helpful
FCReviewed in the United Kingdom on 09 November 2018
2.0 out of 5 stars
Second in a sequence and very much second rate
Verified purchase
Whist we enjoyed the original this follow on was unrealistic and is merely a jingoistic America does it the best plot. If you enjoy watching the hero knifing all the bad guys (and yes there are a lot of bad guys!!) this is the film for you. The best summary is in the final scenes where the head bad guy is given a mobile as he is sitting making tea in a squalid room surrounded by armed men and is told to look up only to see a missile plummeting towards him through the sky light! This is a man who has almost plotted and funded the fall of the western world, but he didn't realise that a phone call from the American Vice President and sitting under glass wasn't a great combination!! Oh and by the way apparently all the Met Police are bad guys and a good proportion of the Guards to boot. Good for a laugh if you like blood.
18 people found this helpful
TrevelyanReviewed in the United Kingdom on 05 February 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Trash film with a racists under-current
Verified purchase
Utter garbage, hidden behind lots of explosions. Supporters of this film explain away the massive plot holes by saying "suspend your disbelief". That's their default response criticism of Hollywood drivel like this. It doesn't make the film good, it just makes it entertaining for people with no standards.

It's also incredibly offensive, both for suggesting that the UK's security standards are so woeful that foreign dignitaries could be easily assassinated, and by the casual bigotry towards people of Middle-Eastern/Asian ethnicity by suggesting that they're all potential terrorists. This film says: "Do you see that guy in the police uniform? He's got tanned skin and a beard - you can't trust him." My guess is that the film crew wouldn't have dared do that with US police/security personnel because of the backlash from the ethnic minority community. But it's set in the UK, so that's ok - we know British Muslims are dodgy, unlike good old American pie-loving US Muslims.

As Charlie Brown would say, good grief!
10 people found this helpful
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