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7.23 h 7 min2005X-RayHDRUHD12
Epic remake of the adventure classic from acclaimed director Peter Jackson. In Depression-era New York, unscrupulous filmmaker Carl Denham (Jack Black) is desperate to find a leading lady for his new picture.
Peter Jackson
Jack BlackAndy SerkisKyle Chandler
English [CC]
Audio Languages
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Supporting actors
Thomas KretschmannColin HanksAdrien BrodyNaomi Watts
Jan BlenkinCarolynne CunninghamFran WalshPeter Jackson
NBC Universal
Content advisory
Blackfacesmokingalcohol usesexual contentviolence
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Prime Video (streaming online video)
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4.5 out of 5 stars

4452 global ratings

  1. 70% of reviews have 5 stars
  2. 18% of reviews have 4 stars
  3. 7% of reviews have 3 stars
  4. 3% of reviews have 2 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Paul W.Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 August 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Love the film, BUT the 4k Prime Video version has a serious, possibly deal-breaking flaw.
Verified purchase
I love Jackson's version of King Kong (I just wish they would release the 4 hour extended version on Prime Video).

But the 4k, Prime Video version has a fatal flaw which will probably be a deal breaker for many.

It ONLY has audible dialogue when you are watching in 4k, if you are watching it downscaled on a mobile device, etc. It will have NO dialogue!

And I don't mean no audio, I mean no dialogue. The audio is there, the musical score, incidental music, the foley work, sound effects, atmospherics, etc is all there. But NO dialogue.

To be clear, I tried on multiple devices (in case I was receiving a surround stream as the main audio for whatever reason), nope. It only worked on my 4k TV. There are no audio options other than English. I skipped through the movie, and I couldn't find any.

The subtitles work, so I know the dialogue is meant to be there.

Quite how this got by any kind of QC is beyond me, but hey, here it is.

Only useful for people who will watch it on 4k, or maybe someone who would find this interesting like budding audio engineers.

But as a movie fan, it's a huge error that makes the film useless on other devices.

tldr: Do Not watch the 4k version on less than a 4k screen, you will have no audio dialogue.

EDIT: Changed review and score to reflect sucessful testing of the film on a 4k screen.
9 people found this helpful
Samuel Oliver Burt Evans Riley IVReviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 June 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
It wasn’t the airplanes......
Verified purchase
As far as remakes go, this was a pleasant surprise. Whilst it’ll never have the same impact and legacy of the 1933 classic, at least Peter Jackson had this in mind and pays loving tribute rather than trying to surpass it or make out to be the first film to feature the giant gorilla (cough, 1976 film).

Even though some consider Jack Black as a miscast, it is very clear he gives everything to this film by toning down and expressing more with less. The outcome is him delivering one of his best performances and clearly shows his potential when given a chance. Plus could you really see Robert De Niro in a dinosaur stampede or George Clooney fighting giant wetas? Naomi Watts beautifully executes all emotions needed with believability and is even better when she interacts with Kong. The highlight performance is Andy Serkis with his motion capture for the mighty king. Not only does the titular character look so life like, the facial expressions and body movements add such depth to the creature and crowned Serkis as 'king of motion-capture acting'. Alongside the above, there are some really good (if underused) performances from the supporting cast like Evan Parke, Jamie Bell, Lobo Chan, Thomas Kretschmann and Andy Serkis who takes on a second role as Lumpy the Cook.

Despite a few noticeable moments, which sadly haven’t got any better over time, the visuals for this film are incredible. From the run down Depression Era New York to the hellish Skull Island, the scenes are beautiful, detailed and captivating.

The runtime certainly won’t please everyone: audiences complain it takes too long to get to the island whilst critics felt there was too much going on in the mid section. Personally it works and it feels like you get more than your money’s worth. There is a strong build up to the island, you get to know (and perhaps even care) about the characters and the first appearance of Kong is terrific. From the brontosaur stampede to the V-Rex battle, to the log scene and the swarm of giant naked
bats, there is plenty of perilous adventure in the second act. The extended cut gives you even more spectacular danger with an attack from a Ferrucutus (similar to a Triceratops) to the swamp scene with a serpent like monster called Piranhadon. The action doesn’t stop on Skull Island; the infamous climax is dazzling, striking and truly moving.

One of my favourite aspects of this film is the dedication Jackson and Weta put into creating the mythical world of Skull Island. Through “The World of Kong: A Natural History of Skull Island” and the companion faux documentary, the creators developed a treacherous world with so much depth: from detailing an extinct civilisation to creating a giant catalogue of disturbing creatures that lurk in the jungles, swamps and abyssal chasms.

There are few 12 (or PG-13) certificate films that contain “frightening scenes”. One sequence in this film rightfully garners this description: men stuck in a pit being attacked and eaten alive by foul bugs, nasty spiders and horrific leeches. Whilst this is only for a few minutes, it’s a scene that will unsettle insectophobes (or even turn you into one).

With a genuine heart between beauty and the beast, there is plenty to admire and enjoy in this modern epic.
13 people found this helpful
Timothy J ChisholmReviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 April 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
UHD - Kong Rocks! A Brilliant Classic
Verified purchase
This film in 4K UHD is a revelation. Everyone should have this in their collection.

The whole thing is absolutely marvellous, from start to finish. The picture is quite remarkable, the SFX are up there with the best. Watched with Sonos surround, it is incredible.

The film itself is a masterpiece. Well written, well cast and well acted. Jack Black was a controversial pick, but he shows that he has more to offer, than many expected.

A true classic. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

I do not receive any payment or free goods for writing these reviews. I am just happy to share my views on my purchases with fellow like minded Amazonians in the hope that you may find it helpful.
One person found this helpful
A. W. WilsonReviewed in the United Kingdom on 01 June 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Excellent DVD. Good picture, ratio, sound and subtitles. I only had ONE disc and no booklet or extras. I can't help thinking that Jackson missed a huge oportunity to make the (almost) definitive "Kong" film. He has budget, actors, CGI, script, and LOTR and HOBBITT under his belt. The film starts brilliantly and remains so...until we get to the island, and then somehow PJ seems to lose the skill of pacing. Too many scenes of monsters fighting and being chased etc just go on far too long, and the climax in Manhatten is just the same. The original came in around 95 mins give or take. This takes 3 hrs and 10 minutes. I think that says it all. (P.S. The natives and some of the monsters are really scary and a 12 cert is only just correct - I think, and Naomi Watts is really very very good.!).
RickiReviewed in the United Kingdom on 02 April 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Kong the 8th wonder of the world
Verified purchase
Everyone by now should have heard of the story of king kong so I won't go into detail about that. Peter Jackson delivers a cgi masterpiece, as all the creatures and effects are better than most films nowadays. Parts of this do suffer such as how long it takes to get to the island, and how two side characters (hayes and jimmy) are more developed than jack and anne (the main characters). The extended scenes offer more creature destruction and carnage. Overall if you're a fan of king kong this is a must see old classic brought splendidly to the 21st century.
6 people found this helpful
DebbieReviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 March 2010
5.0 out of 5 stars
A big improvement on Jeff Bridges - if overlong
Verified purchase
I dont know why but I just love this movie even though there are many inconsistences as previous reviewer has listed, Id like to add to that list " Why didnt the gas put everyone to sleep " ?.

Its incredibly long, a good hour before you even arrive at the island and another hour before we get Kong to New York. I didnt much care for the pre island arrival side story of Carl Denham movie making and I now just fast forward to arrival at Skull Island.

There is a lovely scene where Ann Darrow sits with Kong on Skull Island watching the sunset and seeing the pleasure he is getting from it she touches her own heart and says beautiful. Later on the at the empire state building the pair look out at another sunset and this time its Kong who touches his heart to sign beautiful.

Its a 12 rating which is a shame because younger kids will absolutely love this with all the excellent special effects but it does include a lot of action on Skull Island as Kong has to fight off Dinosaurs. I found the giant crawling insects the scariest.

The closing line from Carl Denham is as famous as Kong himself " Oh it wasnt the airplanes. It was beauty that killed the beast".

Overall loved this film and would recommend.
4 people found this helpful
SamReviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 October 2010
5.0 out of 5 stars
Surpasses the original and remakes by miles and miles!
Verified purchase
Stunning, breathtaking, action packed and thoroughly enthralling. This movie had me gripped all the way to the very end, Peter Jackson once again proves he is one of the most gifted directors in history.
On the terrifying skull island a unimaginable terror awaits, not just Kong but vicous tribes, giant insects, tyrannosaurus, raptors, apatosaurus, winged prehistoric beasts. This movie stuns with tense action scenes, awesome CGI, brilliant plot and script and a terrific cast of fine actors and actresses. Stand out scenes include -
- kong fighting a tyrannosaurus
- cast fighting bloodthirsty giant insects
- king kong running through new york
- king kong fighting fighter planes atop empire state building

I cannot stress how amazing this movie is, for more action and creatures check out the dvd that comes with deleted scenes.
One person found this helpful
PhillyJQReviewed in the United Kingdom on 04 February 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
A wonderful color remake by Peter Jackson!
Verified purchase
A wonderful remake of a classic B&W film. Fortunately, Peter Jackson retained the atmosphere of the original. A great director for updating this project. The special-effects are so convincing that, although a bit long, I'd hate to lose any scene.
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