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1 h 55 min2017X-Ray15
From the director of Wolf Creek and starring Daniel Radcliffe comes the iconic and terrifying true story of one man's 17 day fight for survival. Yossi leaves a safe future behind to chase an improbable dream in the mysterious depths of the Amazon rain forest. When he and two fellow adventurers, meet the charismatic Karl, their authentic trip soon turns into a harrowing, psychological nightmare.
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Todd FellmanMike GabrawyGary HamiltonMark LazarusDana LustigGreg McLean
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Alcohol usefoul languagenuditysexual contentsmokingsubstance useviolence
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4.2 out of 5 stars

1442 global ratings

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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Arun AllenReviewed in the United Kingdom on 05 July 2019
5.0 out of 5 stars
Very realistic, based on a true story, superb acting in a deathly natural setting
Verified purchase
I am a big fan of Daniel Radcliffe movies - in fact, I prefer movies he is in that is not Harry Potter, as he demonstrates a plethora of emotions and versatility in adapting to the role he is playing - for instance, The Woman in Black, Victor Frankenstein and Imperium (there are many others, e.g. Swiss Army Man, Horns, Kill Your Darlings).

In this movie, based on a true story, he plays Yossi, an Israeli adventurer who is hiking in the Amazon with 2 friends he met there, plus Karl, who invited them initially on a trek to see some "lost Indian tribes". The hike puts huge strain on their friendship and nearly claims their lives. It is very interesting to see how our social relationships as humans in a civilised society is put to the test, and disintegrates when faced with continuous and increasing stress, pressure, fear and physical and mental pain.

The acting is superb - you feel that there is no act, but a well-filmed documentary. There are genuine moments of tension and relief, scattered throughout. No part of the movie felt like it was dragging along - there was always something interesting throughout. I think the scary unknown part of the jungle, i.e. nature in its pure and raw form, where humans are simply "another stupid monkey" (Karl's words), brings out our vulnerability - something that society does not encourage us to ponder on. Hence, bigger creatures, insects, reptiles and the terrain itself are all ever-present enemies.

I would highly recommend this for nature enthusiasts, and people who like to think about our existence, life, philosophy etc. and for everyone who reflects more on these topics when out walking along nature trails or on expeditions or out travelling other countries or national parks. But since the film itself is very well shot, with beautiful encapsulations of the scenery, and an exploration of both the terrain and river of the Amazon, it should be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys watching nature documentaries on TV as well.

Any Daniel Radcliffe fans will also be very pleased, while the other characters are very well played too, especially Karl who emits an eerie and dark feel, as if you really want to know his backstory.

A solid 8.5/10 for acting and an 8/10 for the movie.
18 people found this helpful
EllieReviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 December 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Was pretty good.
Verified purchase
I don't know why but I can't get out of this weird thing with Daniel Radcliffe where I'm convinced he can't act and I don't like his face. However, this movie has proven otherwise (his accent was a bit dodgy) but overall his acting was superb.. AND this is a movie I came away and had to google more about because I found it fascinating. That's always a good sign. If you like movies about human struggle during dire situations, think into the wild or 127 hours etc then this is for you. I went in with zero expectations (and a dislike for Daniel) and spent the movie gripped and found the movie enjoyable.
21 people found this helpful
rbmusicman/and/movie-fan'Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 January 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Based on a true story - Yossi Ghinsberg (Daniel Radcliffe) a young Israeli travels to Bolivia in search of an adventure and self-discovery who hoped to explore the Amazon forest.
He meets up with Marcus (Joel Jackson) a Swiss School Teacher and his friend Kevin (Alex Russell) an American hiker and avid photographer that had ventured into the forest before.
Yossi meets Karl (Thomasn Kretschmann) who tells of his adventures and discoveries of lost tribes in the Jungle and invites Yossi to join him on a trek.
Yossi persuades Kevin and Marcus to join the adventure, eventually, they agree to do so.
Several days into the trek Marcus begins to struggle, Yossi and Kevin come up with the idea to build a raft to get them to where they hope to go, Karl isn't keen but gives into the majority vote.
The river proves challenging, eventually, Karl states that he wants to continue on foot, Marcus will join him whilst Yossi and Kevin continue on the raft the four had built.
After a while, the two run into trouble, the raft smashes into a rock in the rapids, the two become separated when Yossi is swept away.
Yossi somehow survives but finds himself alone downriver. he must now, very much on his own try to make his way back to civilization.
It becomes a battle of will as the days slide by, meanwhile, Kevin is found by locals and taken to safety however he doesn't forget Yossi and in the vain hope of finding him alive persuades fist the authorities then a boat owner to help him search.
Following the fortunes of Yossi's survival struggle that looks increasingly hopeless, it really becomes an intense and gripping watch.
Superb performance from Daniel Radcliffe.
Give it a go.
5 people found this helpful
Sunny CarolReviewed in the United Kingdom on 03 March 2022
1.0 out of 5 stars
Only one star.
Verified purchase
The film as a whole was very good but I found the snake killing scene upsetting and totally unnecessary. It did not show the snake being used for food after or anything else. It was just the vicious killing of an innocent animal that was living in its 'own environment' that defended itself against a blundering human climbing a tree. This kind of scene does nothing for the conservation of endangered reptile species and sends the message that it is just fine to kill them. The snake was also a carpet python and they come from Indonesia, New Guinea and Australia and are not indigenous to the Amazon. They should have used a Boa constrictor or better still cut that vile scene from the film altogether. I love snakes so that scene ruined the film and I had little sympathy for the character after it. I would have given this film five stars if it had not been for that one scene showing animal cruelty.
NooNooReviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 March 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Fantastic action and outstanding acting
Verified purchase
I watched this mainly because I'm a Daniel Radcliffe fan from the days of Harry Potter. Watching Daniel grow up throughout the series of Harry Potter films it was always going to be difficult to not be typecast as Harry, or an actor for a specific genre. It's great that he's now been able to move on to act in stories worthy of someone with fantastic acting ability and throughout this film you forget about Harry Potter and see this amazingly talented guy giving an outstanding performance as Yossi Ghinsberg - one of a trio of friends being led through the jungle by a mysterious guide in 1981. The story is true, which makes for compulsive viewing especially as things very quickly evolve into disastrous circumstances which sees Yossi and his friends battle for survival in the Amazon, and not always successfully. This definitely had me holding my breath, and being there with Yossi experiencing the fear and horror of being alone in an Amazonian nightmare was enthralling. If you're looking for a film with as many humps as a rollercoaster ride I'd definitely recommend it.
hamptoncherryReviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 January 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I was going to scowl at Yossie finding a rucksack floating in the river following the rafting disaster, because without it and whatever was in it he would have never survived 19 days in the jungle. Neither did I believe he was found so dramatically in the last moment - until I realized it is based on the true story. God exists and He must have walked with Yossie as Yossie was saying in his delirium. Otherwise I just can't explain this story. Very strong film.
3 people found this helpful
Miss S. J. PietkoReviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 February 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
well acted good story
Verified purchase
surprisingly good, harry potter acted really well,the story was excellent,they are just 3 young selfserving gap year bores and decide to go trekking in the jungle with some guy they just met it does not go well,the interplay with the 3 friends is very interesting,and made me question if I was like that as a younger person, the short answer yes we all are ,but most of us don't have to get lost in Bolivia to realize there is more to life than pleasing yourself.
6 people found this helpful
JonReviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 October 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Absolutely brilliant film. Daniel Radcliffe just gets better and better the older he gets.
4 people found this helpful
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