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Johnny Mnemonic

1 h 32 min1996X-Ray15
It's the year 2021 and Johnny (Keanu Reeves) is a data courier with a secret: he is carrying a dangerous stash of information in his mind and must race against time, money and gangsters to deliver the package and save himself.
Robert Longo
Keanu ReevesDolph LundgrenDina Meyer
SuspenseScience FictionAction
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Ice-TTakeshi Kitano
Don Carmody
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4.2 out of 5 stars

689 global ratings

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  2. 23% of reviews have 4 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

stormgooseReviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 June 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Keanu Reeves angrily sums up this film just before 1:02
Verified purchase
At just before 1:02 into this film, Keanu's shouts "What the **** is going on?!" angrily into the air. I shared his sentiment.

This film is actually based on quite an original concept (at least for its time), with the notion of using a human to smuggle data to a recipient via a brain implant. This is where any notion of this being a clever film stops.

At every stage there is nonsensical logic and bad acting. Virtually all interactions between characters make no sense. I can suspend my disbelief happily with Sci-Fi films, but you need to have some kind of internal logic for it to work. This film totally lacks that.

Wow, this is a awful movie - my advice is to waste no more time on this other than reading the Wikipedia entry. The only thing somewhat presciently impressive about this film is it's prediction we'd be facing a global virus in 2021, although even this is made absurd by the implication that somehow it happened because of our addiction to the Internet..... :-|
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PANJIMReviewed in the United Kingdom on 08 March 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Cyberpunk Classic
Verified purchase
Arrived on time 👍, German Blu-ray (1080p24 )Uncut English and German 2.0 DTS-HD master Audio , DOLBY ATMOS , some hard coded german subtitles for intro and Japanese dialog in film ,commentary , featurette , interviews, 😀👍
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f(V,A,K)Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 August 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great retro 1990s Sci-Fi
Verified purchase
If you want a piece of retro #cyberpunk amusement you should watch Johnny Mnemonic starring Keanu Reeves (1995). The film is set in 2021 (right now) and portrays a world descended into a technological dystopia, gripped by crime and a disease called NAS (Neural Attenuation Syndrome) is caused by exposure to electromagnetic radiation. No not COVID!!!

Johnny is a "mnemonic courier" who transports sensitive data for corporations in a storage device implanted in his brain at the expense of wiping his childhood memories. The film's premise is based on him smuggling 320GB (that is USB today) of pharmacological data on a cure for NAS between Beijing and Newark. By carrying twice his 160GB capacity, he runs the risk of expiring and the data with him if he doesn't make the trip in time. Where's the backup copy? Even with the benefit of 2021 hindsight, why not send the data encrypted over the internet or find creative places to hide a USB stick?

The film features a reference to what sounds like an "iPhone", that turns out to be an "eyePhone", a VR headset, essential kit in a film conflating the internet with a physical space.
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The GuardianReviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 August 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
90s Cheese at it's best! (or worse depending whom you ask)
Verified purchase
"I want to get online... I need a computer! "

Just like kids that play pirates are not aware that real pirates were thieves, murderers and rapists, back in the 90s anyone that had a computer wanted to 5p34k teh 1337 and become a hacker because 90s kids (and Hollywood) didn't understand that 99% of "real world" hackers are in fact somewhere in the range between kids angry at the world to full on psychopaths that enjoy hurting other human beings.

That's because movies like this one portrayed hackers like the coolest thing in the world in the level of super heroes or James Bond style secret agents in fantastic dystopian worlds where any institution, government organisation or business was evil and wanted to control your mind or worse (Before the time of Google, Facebook and co. of course).

Johnny Mnemonic is a film loosely based on a story by William Gibson. As a movie it's itself it is very flawed with terrible acting (especially from Keanu Reeves), a lot of nonsense and 90s cheese but it's the world building, the characters and the craziness that has made this movie a cult classic.

Before this film existence, the archetypal futuristic hacker filled dystopia from the 90s (today retro-futuristic except for the evil company part) mostly existed in the works by William Gibson, and in pen and paper RPG games and Japanese comics inspired by them.

The most obvious thing to note about this film is that you could say that Johnny Mnemonic
is to thank (or blame) for Keanu Reeves becoming Neo and later Johnny Silverhand
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Vasily PughReviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 August 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Best left in the past
Verified purchase
After the first twenty minutes of 'Johnny Mnemonic', one of the many films I never caught up with on its initial release, my wife turned to me and asked 'Why is the acting so bad?' I couldn't answer that. She's absolutely right; Johnny Mnemonic is badly acted and written in a way that almost seems to be some kind of 'Liquid Sky', avant garde art experiment. I like Keanu Reeves but this must be his very worst performance and I happily include his infamous appearance in Dracula. The film itself is not particularly engaging either; it never really immerses you in its world the way better sci-fi films do. The problem, of course, is that when you do not fully interest the viewer in the world you've created, the annoying 2021 viewer is going to start pointing out how clunky all of the tech looks. The reason something like 'Blade Runner' succeeds and this doesn't is because it created a proper, almost surreal aesthetic that helps you overlook problems. 'Johnny Mnemonic' doesn't have this at all so for most of the evening I was chuckling as characters were still using payphones and chunky CRT monitors dominated the background.
AngieReviewed in the United Kingdom on 07 September 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I have to admit I skipped through this, after about 20 mins, because I couldn't stand to watch it straight through. Keanu Reeves wooden actor at best (though I loved him in speed where he was outclassed by a fantastic performance by Sandra Bullock) was even worse in this film. Dorph Lundgren gave a more enjoyable performance but even he would have been better if he had just reined it in just a bit. I think the director in this was awful and should have worked much harder to get the best out of his actors. There were special effects aplenty, too many actually, which rather than enhancing the film actually made it look messy and overcrowded in a strange sort of way. Honestly, I'd find more entertainment experiencing my nephew cracking his knuckles (the little neaderthal) than go through watching this again. I really like sci fi films as a rule but this hasn't got anything going for it other than some of the fight scenes, which I did enjoy, hence the extra star. I've heard this film described as cyberpunk....more like cyberjunk. Sorry it's a no from me.
The LibrarianReviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 May 2015
5.0 out of 5 stars
Johnny Mnemonic (1995)
Verified purchase
Johnny Mnemonic (1995) is a cyberpunk action thriller starring Keanu Reeves, Dolph Lundgren, Dina Meyer, Ice-T, Takeshi, Udo Kier, and Henry Rollins. The film is directed by Robert Longo and based on the dystopian novel by William Gibson.

In 2021, Johnny Mnemonic (Reeves) is a mnemonic courier with a cybernetic brain implant that stores information. The information he carries is too sensitive to be transmitted across the internet and the courier business offers him a lot of money. The downside is that in order to do this, he has to loose some of his past, in this case his childhood. The only way to regain his childhood memories is to have the implant removed. Ralfi (Kier), his handler, offers Johnny one last job that will cover the cost of the operation to remove the implant.

When he reaches the location of the job, Beijing, he discovers that the data he is asked to carry is far too much for his type of implant. Carrying this much data will almost certainly lead to psychological disorders or even death. But he accepts the job regardless. Following the data upload, the uploaders are killed by the Yakuza and only Johnny escapes with some of the encrypted information intact. There are now two groups of people who need the data: Pharmakon, owned by Takahashi (Takeshi) and the Yakuza.

Friends are not quite who they appear to be and Johnny finds himself on the run with Jane (Meyer), a cybernetically-enhanced female and an underground tribe called the Lo-Teks led by J-Bone (Ice-T). They take Johnny to Spider (Rollins), who may be able to remove the dangerous implant (he had previously installed Jane's implants) but this could cause both the loss of the data and kill Johnny. From hereon in Johnny has to watch his back and trust no-one until he can have the implant safely removed.

The film was shot on a medium budget of $26m and did not fair as well as expected at the box office but did bring in $52m worldwide. This was due to a large amount of negative reviews. Longo and Gibson had originally planned to shoot the film on a shoestring budget, but were unable to secure the financing. Ironically, with the birth of the internet and technological advances throughout the 1990s, the film ended up being shot for $26m, when originally they were unable to borrow just $1.5m.

Val Kilmer was originally supposed to play Johnny Mnemonic but pulled out to begin filming Batman Forever.
Christopher Lambert was in the running for the role.
The film is based on both William Gibson's short story, Johnny Mnemonic, and his novel, Virtual Light.
This is Dina Meyer's first feature film.
Henry Rollins, who plays Spider, wrote the song I See Through for the soundtrack and performed it with Rollins Band.

Lost by Stabbing Westward
3 AM Incident by Cop Shoot Cop
Complete by Helmet
Sad But True by Orbital
Virus by KMFDM
I See Through by Rollins Band
No More Love by God Lives Underwater
Alex Descends into Hell for a Bottle of Milk/Korova 1 by Bono and the Edge
Nothing by Stabbing Westward
Send It Out by Brad Fiedel*

*Section of the film's score by the composer.

I thought the film was very interesting personally, and suffered a lot of unnecessary negative reviews. There is a mixture of genres here from action, to science fiction, to thriller. Although there is plenty of conflict, this is a film that will make you think, in a thriller sense, but also about the future in general. It appeals to a wide range of audiences; those who like all-out action and shoot-ups, to those also interested in science fiction and what the future could hold, albeit in this future the world is run by megacorportions and totalitarian governments. This dystopian view of the future can be found in many classic works including those of H G Wells and George Orwell.

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SilverReviewed in the United Kingdom on 08 July 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Worth a WATCH
Verified purchase
dont expect the Matrix, but its not awful and Dolphs character is worth watching this alone
2 people found this helpful
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