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The Hole

1 h 31 min2009X-Ray12
After moving to a new house, two brothers and a neighbour discover a bottomless hole in their basement. But once the hole has been exposed, evil is unleashed. With shadows lurking around every corner and nightmares coming to life, they're forced to face their darkest fears.
Joe Dante
Chris MassogliaNathan GambleTeri Polo
Science FictionSuspenseKidsHorror
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Supporting actors
Chord OverstreetHaley BennettBruce Dern
Claudio FaehDavid LancasterMichel LitvakVicki Sotheran
Entertainment One
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4.2 out of 5 stars

658 global ratings

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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Rupert GarciaReviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 January 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Retro Eighties Feel and Very Enjoyable
Verified purchase
I loved this film, even though it seems like it was made for teens, it's just very cool. Although it was quite creepy and had a few traditional jump-scares, the film has a really nice sentimental feel to it. It's difficult to explain really, but it feels like a classic, even though it's fairly recent.
OK for kids (10 plus) to watch, as there's very little in the way of blood and gore, and all in all it's pretty family-friendly. So, get a couple of pizzas in and sit around the TV with the lights down low!
2 people found this helpful
Missy dizzyReviewed in the United Kingdom on 05 January 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
A pleasure to watch....give it a try!!
Verified purchase
A real gem of a find, nobody would win an oscar for acting in this but its believable enough and the characters are convincing enough....some parts are quite cliche'd from other films....horror buffs would spot these pretty easily.....not a scarey film (for me anyway) but kept me gripped throughout and i have to say, i thoroughly enjoyed this or i wouldn't bother to leave a review.....don't expect fireworks but give this a try as i'm sure glad i did!!
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Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 October 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars
THE HOLE IN 3D [2009] [3D Blu-ray + 2D Blu-ray]
Verified purchase
THE HOLE IN 3D [2009] [3D Blu-ray + 2D Blu-ray] From the Director of GREMLINS and SMALL SOLDIERS! It Knows Your Deepest Fears!

From visionary director Joe Dante of ‘Gremlins’ and ‘Small Soldiers’ comes a family-friendly suspense thriller adventure that explores the fears and secrets buried deep in the human mind. After moving from Brooklyn to Bensonville into a new neighbourhood, 17 year old Dane [Chris Massoglia] and his 10 year old brother Lucas [Nathan Gamble], and their neighbour Julie [Haley Bennett] discover a sinister bottomless hole under a locked trap door in the basement of their home. They find that once the hole is exposed, an evil presence is unleashed. With strange shadows lurking around every corner and past nightmares coming to life, the trio will have to come face to face their darkest fears and to put an end to THE HOLE!

Cast: Chris Massoglia, Haley Bennett, Nathan Gamble, Teri Polo, Bruce Dern, Quinn Lord, John DeSantis, Douglas Chapman, Mark Pawson, Peter Shinkoda, Jonathan Bruce, Merritt Patterson, Ali Cobrin, Chelsea Ricketts, Chord Overstreet, Wade Williams (voice), Mary Mouser (voice), Michael Ark (uncredited), Dylan Garrett (uncredited), Billy Hendrickson (uncredited), Paul Hooson (uncredited), Jessica Just (uncredited), Dick Miller (uncredited) and Stephanie Wilcox (uncredited)

Director: Joe Dante

Producers: Chris Bender, Claudio Fäh, David Lancaster, Garrick Dion, Gary Michael Walters, J.C. Spink, Jon Silk, Jonathan Oakes, Michel Litvak, Neal Flaherty, Robert Skotak and Vicki Sotheran

Screenplay: Mark L. Smith

Composer: Javier Navarrete

Cinematography: Theo van de Sande

Video Resolution: 1080p

Aspect Ratio: 1.85:1

Audio: 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio and 2.0 LPMC Stereo Audio

Subtitles: English SDH

Running Time: 88 minutes

Region: Region B/2

Number of discs: 1

Studio: Entertainment One

Andrew’s Blu-ray Review: Welcome back, Joe Dante, you've been away far too long. Why did Hollywood turn its back on this guy? Joe Dante's made some of the funniest horror genre films ever, like the original ‘Piranha,’ ‘The Howling,’ ‘Gremlins,’ ‘Innerspace,’ ‘Matinee’ and ‘Small Soldiers.’ But for much of the past decade, Joe Dante has been making TV projects. Why? The big screen is his natural home, as the terrific ‘The Hole’ proves this once and for all. It is Joe Dante’s best feature since 1998 ‘Small Soldiers’ and his first since 2003 ‘Looney Tunes: Back In Action,’ is a teen exploit scary enough to thrill adult genre fans, but still safe enough for hardy young ones and a perfect “My First Horror” to inspire a new generation. Despite the 12A rating here in the UK, ‘The Hole’ in 3D is a horror that’s done its homework, paying dues to a host of classics such as ‘Ringu,’ ‘Child’s Play,’ ‘Poltergeist,’ ‘Gremlins,’ 'Puppet Master' and ‘The Gate.’

Just like Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, Joe Dante likes to set his horrors in suburbia. Dane Thompson [Chris Massoglia] and his young brother Lucas [Nathan Gamble] have just moved from Brooklyn into a new home, in a small town, with their mother Susan [Teri Polo]. The boys befriend neighbour Julie and soon come across a boarded-up, seemingly bottomless pit in their basement. Once open, all sorts of horrors are unleashed a dead girl, a killer clown ... horrors from the pit of the kids' greatest fears, so to speak.

With ‘The Hole,’ Joe Dante has created a fun family adventure that's also a terrifying experience for adults; like an unholy cross between ‘Honey, I Shrunk The Kids’ and ‘Poltergeist,’ all mixed together in some huge dark void. ‘The Hole’ in 3D feeds on Dane, Julie and Lucas' deepest fears, releasing horrible panda-eyed little shoeless girls and a rather disturbing jester puppet. I believe the medical term for a fear of clowns is Coulrophobia [Fear of Clowns], and if you're a sufferer, this really isn't the film for you.

After drawing on the regular Joe Dante staples of teen romance and disturbing family trauma, the films big finale, which brings to mind Dante's segment from the Twilight Zone film, does fail to deliver on the initial set-up. ‘The Hole’ in 3D may often work as a straight horror film, but it is aimed at kids so it was never going to be too traumatic. However, with its creepy realisation of basic horrors and disturbing visions, ‘The Hole’ in 3D will succeed in scaring the “bejeezus” out of all ages, young and old, and may just prove equally as effective to those of a really nervous disposition.

The concept of fears manifesting themselves from a seemingly endless and unexplained hole in their basement is worked nicely and kept me engaged for most of the film and when it reaches its dark and chilling climax, as Dane enters the Hole to face his greatest fear, the film excels with a very strong ending that has really excellent and amazing use of the 3D. It left me totally satisfied with Dante’s return to the big screen.

Another positive about ‘The Hole’ in 3D is the cast, they are all entirely likable. Not once did I feel annoyed by the young actors or think they were too childish or overplaying it, which is a real credit to how Joe Dante directs his youthful performers and something that normally lets down these family horror films when child actors are too annoying to give a damn and especially Chris Massoglia played the older brother Dane Thompson well and charms the hell out of the film and the young Nathan Gamble is proving to be a fine actor with another really strong performance that follows on from great parts in ‘The Dark Knight’ and another excellent horror film ‘The Mist.’ Haley Bennett added the feminine touch to the group and was the love interest as well as a main focal point for the story line with her own demons being revealed in the film’s most scary scenes, altogether they had good banter and chemistry which really assists to the films enjoy ability.

There are a few problems with the film, namely a pacing issue in the middle part and with what felt like rushed plot conclusions with some of the characters story arcs or plot points that could have benefited with more explanation and closure. An example is with the original owner of the house, a slightly neurotic man who the kids hunt down to try get some answers about the hole and he’s used minimally and ineffectively, which is a shame as it hinted at an interesting storyline. Also the film seemed to suffer under a tight budget, made tighter presumably by the use of 3D, and it feels rushed in places and some scenes felt incomplete but all credit must go to Joe Dante and his experience with small funds and delivering results regardless that he has made it work. There are wonderful perspective shots from within the hole looking up as our young stars attempt to see what’s in the holes depths by lowing things down and there are many moments of subtle depth which did not seem extraneous, which is just what I want from my 3D films. All in all a wholly satisfying family adventure with plenty of scares along the way.

Blu-ray Video Quality – ‘The Hole’ in 3D looks absolutely terrific on Blu-ray. Especially with a good 1080p encoded image and of course the 3D is totally awesome and at times will have you jumping out of your seat with sheer terror. The 1.85:1 presentation is clean and vivid and overall is brilliant. Being purposely shot 3D feature film, there is plenty of brilliant realistic elements, with careful framing in mind to make the best use of the extra depth associated with the format. Even the simplest shots, such as when the family are first moving in, with boxes and crates holding the extreme foreground and successive layers moving back into the frame giving a real sense of 3D space. The rest of the picture fairs just as well-being clean, bright and detailed. Skin and clothing weaves are suitably well defined as is the wood grain and strained steel of the hatch the seals the Hole, look too at the various objects that make up the basement, paint cans, shelving, even the dust, which are all pin sharp. Colours are bright and bold when we first meet the family without wash or bleed, but do ‘thin’ later in the film as the darkness of the film takes over, this is intentional and not a print defect. Brightness and contrast are set to give some terrific blacks, with the usual 3D caveat, which are at their best when looking into, or out of, the Hole which is completely impenetrable. Look too at the darkness spread in the basement, or the girl’s toilet when Julie is menaced for some terrific shadow detailing in the deep inkiness. Please Note: If people in North America wants to purchase this 3D Blu-ray, you will have to purchase a Multi-region Blu-ray Player, as it is ONLY available in the Region B/2 format.

Blu-ray Audio Quality – The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio mix showcases some truly cool sound design, exploring the entire field for some potent directional effects. Well, just as the picture is absorbing and engaging, so too is the sound, which makes full use of the surround field to place some truly eerie effects. This is especially true when Lukas is first menaced by the clown puppet; its footsteps, bell-ringing and chitter-chatter are utilised by all the speakers moving around the room at such pace that you find yourself turning your head to see if that was part of the film or some demon in your own room. This is just one of many scenes that make use of the same eerie effects that really creep up on you. Dialogue is given frontal priority, though there is some directionality when called for, it also sounds very natural and distinct never once straining to be heard. The score is given decent stereo surround making use of all 5.1speakers to really place you in the centre of the room. Bass, itself, while strong in grounding everything in reality, is slightly lacking in the LF effects department, though when it does rear its head there are some very satisfying thumps; I’m thinking of the trap door over the Hole. On the whole this is a terrific sound track with plenty of effects to keep you guessing.

Blu-ray Special Features and Extras:

Special Features: Gateway to Hell: The Making of ‘The Hole’ [2010] [1080i] [11:39] A superficial and standard short feature that includes interviews with actors Teri Polo; Chris Massoglio; Nathan Gamble and Haley Bennett; director Joe Dante, producer David Lancaster, screenwriter Mark L. Smith and, briefly, Cinematographer Theo van de Sande and effects expert Robert Skotak. This special short feature is nothing but a blatant advert for the film, filled as it is with back slapping sound-bites and copious amounts of film clips it is just awful.

Special Feature: Interview with Cast and Crew [2010] [1080i] Here we have two topical shorts supply clips, cast/crew comments, and some behind-the-scenes footage. "The Keeper of The Hole" [3:21] Takes a looks at Bruce Dern's role as Creepy Carl. "Family Matters" [4:29] considers the relationships within the Thompson family and with their neighbour. There is very little here, though, as it’s still tailored towards press interview material in promoting the film, only this time is looks raw and there is no interviewer, just the answered questions, sometimes the answers are professional, but most of the time it’s just pap.

Special Feature: Behind the ‘The Hole’ Scenes [2010] [1080i] [11:39] A superficial and standard feature that includes interviews with actors Teri Polo, Chris Massoglio, Nathan Gamble and Haley Bennett; director Dante, producer Lancaster, writer Smith and, briefly, Cinematographer Theo van de Sande and effects expert Robert Skotak. This is basic camcorder footage of the cast and crew as they set up, rehearse, alleviate boredom and shoot the film? Sounds worthwhile, but is actually gets very tedious very quickly, much like it is being on a real film set, so on that level it works!

Finally, overall ‘The Hole’ in 3D is a very fine and enjoyable film but there isn’t much for the horror fan with its lack of gore or big frights but it does offer an original idea and a fun story that entertains. Joe Dante definitely knows how to make a family film that scares and excites and although it maybe a little too scary for really young kids it’s not going to leave you with nightmares unless your freaked out by evil little clowns. Joe Dante has no difficulty recreating the appealing feel of his best-known works, with ‘The Hole’ being another one of his signature unnerving yet fun family films. It is a shame that this fine effort is now reduced to anonymity in the States. It is well worth your time if you are in the mood for fun house-type horror resembling that of the 1980s, the kind that kids can watch without being traumatized but is also smart and fun enough to keep adults entertained. As a 3D Blu-ray disc from Entertainment One, they have put together a very simple package, the picture and sound are reference all the way, but it is let down by a rather naff extras package. But with the continuing lack of native 3D content on Blu-ray, this disc is still worth checking out. Highly Recommended!

Andrew C. Miller – Your Ultimate No.1 Film Aficionado
Le Cinema Paradiso
United Kingdom
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TL SpencerReviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 May 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
What’s your worst fear?
Verified purchase
When a young family move to a new home, they have no idea that their crawl space is home to something far more dangerous than a monster...

This film is great as it navigates something everyone has and never really wants to face, their worst fears, but does so in an upbeat and positive way. It is a horror movie, but it’s not too scary and kids should love it!
BAZ316Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 04 June 2013
4.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
For a 12 rating,this is creepier than i thought it would be,plus for a film i remember being laid into a little when it came out,it's not half bad.
There's these 2 brothers who are forced to move with their mother to another house,another city,for reasons given as the movie goes on. They discover a covered and padlocked hole in the basement. It seems this hole is bottomless,they capture the neighbour's interest,she's already caught the older brother's interest and they start to wonder what is with ths hole,all she knows is the previous owner of the house was a bit weird.
Now the hole has been opened,odd things start to happen,the girl sees a traumatized little girl,with a creepy and odd walk. The young lad sees a clown doll seemingly haunting him and just freaking him out. It soon becomes clear that they have to sort out the mystery of the hole before it gets the better of them.

This could be seen as a film about facing up to your fears before they manifest themselves into demons and destroy you.
Perhaps it's a little slow at times,but i'd say it's done very well,it kept my interest. Some compare it to THE GATE from years ago,it's got something of that to it,but i'd say it stands up on it's own as a teen horror of sorts. I'm far older than a teen,but i was impressed.
3 people found this helpful
Mr. Stephen KennedyReviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 March 2011
4.0 out of 5 stars
Family friendly spine tingler
Verified purchase
How satisfying... clearly, the film has a younger generation in mind, with the main protagonists being of teen and pre-teen age.. and yet, this is a film that has appeal for all ages. Indeed, as it says on the tin, a family movie. One would almost be tempted to say that this has an old fashioned appeal to it, a pre-torture porn innocence in its horror motifs.. a [[ASIN:B0029TQW7U Gremlins [Blu-ray] [1984][Region Free]]] for a new generation. How fitting that this is the return of Joe Dante to the big screen.
It's a deceptively slender tale - the titular hole is discovered, suitable padlocked and sinister, in the basement of the house our young heroes have just moved in to. With the (literal and figurative) girl next door, the hole is unlocked - and darkness enters their lives, as they start to face their inner fears. This leads to some genuinely spine tingling moments, and occasional spooky scares. Creepy limping girls and manic puppet clowns are just the start...
The final act has little surprises in store, and does not entirely live up to the nicely paced and tension generating build up, but still manages some intriguing and expressionistic ideas which presumably made the 3D worthwhile in the cinema. On the smaller screen these tend to stand out as "oh, that must have been the 3D moment" moments, in a slightly distracting way,however.
Were it not for the age of the actors on screen, I would be surprised to hear this was skewed at younger demographics.. it was satisfying enough for me as an adult, and spooky enough to appease my need for thrills. But as I look back on it, it had none of the gore that seems so de rigeur these days, and clean language as well as a surprisingly positive theme about facing fears, making it suitable for those that might otherwise blanche at the excesses of most `scary' movies. If I had kids that were getting tired of Disney and keen to sample something `more adult', they could do a lot worse than this. But don't feel you need kids to give this a whirl.. stick it on, turn it up, turn the lights down, and lose yourself in some old fashioned movie making - in a good way. I for one am glad to see Joe Dante back doing what he does best....
4 people found this helpful
AngieReviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 November 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
watch this you won't be disappointed
Verified purchase
I've just watched a couple of horrors with adult actors and the acting was wooden and the film predictable. This film knocked those out of the ball park. The acting by the kids was easy and natural and although not really scarey it was gripping. I really enjoyed it. It reminded me of The Goonies. Well worth a watch.
V'gerReviewed in the United Kingdom on 02 February 2012
5.0 out of 5 stars
One of the BEST examples on how to shoot a non-CGI 3D movie - (winner of best 3D movie award at Venice 2009!)
Verified purchase
PLEASE NOTE: if you are just looking for a 3D _horror_, "slasher", violent, gory, CGI-effect-ridden movie, like the typical box-office blockbusters produced today, IMHO this movie is NOT for you, and you should probably look elsewhere...

On the other hand, if you are looking for: 1) a _classic scary family movie_, which you can watch with your younger kids (but not with very little children, they would probably not sleep for a long time...); 2) a movie that looks as if it came straight from the 50s/60s US tradition of "low-budget, saturday-morning scary movies", and - more importantly, 3) a PERFECTLY SHOT 3D, NON-CGI MOVIE... DO NOT MISS THIS!

Regarding the story, there is not much to say, since it is a good mix of all the typical elements seens in dozens of other movies, also from the same, great director Joe Dante (you might find "homages" or involontary similarities to Gremlins, Poltergeist, the Ring and especially the almost totally forgotten The Gate, along with an ending that looks as if it came straight from the episode of "Amazing Stories: the Movie" shot by Joe Dante himself...), so there is not anything _particularly_ original about it...

Nevertheless, the real quality of this film, in my opinion, lies in the _way it is scripted, acted, shot and rendered in astonishingly perfect 3D_. As a matter of fact, in case you do not know the director, Joe Dante is one of the most passionate experts on US scary/terror movies from the past, including those cheap, scary B-movies he appropriately and lovely depicted in his critics-lauded "Matinee" (another underrated, satirical little gem with John Goodman).

Those movies used all sorts of technical "innovations" (does "smell-o-vision" ring a bell for anyone, for instance?), in order to lure the audience into buying the tickets, and anaglyph 3D was definitely the most successful and effective one of them all...

Therefore, in my opinion Joe Dante with this movie paid a great, technically perfect homage to that tradition, turning what might otherwise be considered just a not particularly original, low budget production into an enthralling, never boring and surprisingly exciting little gem: a movie from another era, where a well-crafted screenplay with a slow but increasingly tense pacing, convincing non-star main leads (and some typical Dante's cameos), and an extremely clever and experienced use of sound and cinematography will let you rediscover how honest, good _entertaining_ movies used to be made, before countless, mindless, split-second-edited CGI blockbusters turned the average world audience brains into an amorphous Blob (pun intended, of course), in my opinion...

But the most important aspect of this movie, which really makes it worth its price, IMHO, is the _incredibly effective and convincing use of the latest 3D-camera shooting techniques_! I have seen this movie only on a cheap, passive monitor from (LG's D2342P: no "state of the art" costly hardware, but the _same_ technology used in 3D movie theaters, just with 45-degree rotated polarized glasses), and the result is _AMAZING_!

I have bought _all_ the major non-fake (not converted from 2D) 3D movies available on Blu-ray, and among the very few "real world" ones (i.e. apart from the wonderful animated movies, where 3D is almost always perfect), this is by a long shot the _best_ one I have seen so far, apart from some documentaries: crosstalk between left and right images is almost non-existent, colors are so deep, vibrant and lifelike, that I could not believe this was a 3D movie; and, most importantly, Dante made a _perfect_, experienced, clever use of the 3D medium, in my opinion, by shooting in relatively _restricted_ spaces, with a careful framing that makes constant use of slow panning on multiple "depth planes" (foregrounds, middle grounds, backgrounds) which are often full of set dressing, props and moving elements, in order to obtain an almost visceral "presence" experience for the viewer.

As a matter of fact, even if probably nobody knows this, this movie won the very first "3D movie award" at the 2009 Venice film festival, a well-deserved recognition for this clever, well-crafted little 3D gem, that was also highly praised by most critics, by the way.

There are no useless, gimmicky "pop-outs" here (apart one, maybe), mind you: so, do not expect monsters flying at you or coming out of the sceen, but just _real people in ultra-realistc, real-world _physical_ sets with lots of _practical effects_, all used to convey the feeling that you are _there_ with the actors at any time. (There are some pool scenes shot from a high window that must be seen to be believed, for example: it almost feels like looking at a miniature behind your screen!)

So, if you are just looking for some good, old-fashioned, entertaining "scary movie for the family" which will put to good use your _brain_, AND/OR a very _realistic_ 3D movie to test your 3D setup, I think you should definitely try this one: this movie really deserves a bigger audience!
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