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1 h 31 min1978X-Ray18
John Carpenter's horror classic about a psychopath who strikes whenever the costumes come out.
John Carpenter
Donald PleasenceJamie Lee CurtisNancy Kyes
English [CC]
Audio Languages

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Supporting actors
P.J. SolesCharles CyphersKyle RichardsBrian AndrewsArthur Malet
Debra HillJohn Carpenter
Trancas International Films Inc
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4.5 out of 5 stars

8486 global ratings

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  2. 12% of reviews have 4 stars
  3. 8% of reviews have 3 stars
  4. 2% of reviews have 2 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Tommy Page Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 August 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
What I saw behind that Boys eyes, was pure and simple evil!
Verified purchase
John Carpenter's horror classic, HALLOWEEN. Tells the story of Michael Myers. Who murdered his Sister fifteen years ago , and escapes from a Mental Hospital and. Returms to Haddonfield , to start killing again, where he targets a young Baby sitter Laurie Strode and her friends. Only one person can try and stop the Psychotic killer , Dr Loomis who studied Myers for years and, now knows he is pure evil. Before the quiet peaceful town. Turns into a bloodbath, this jem is so iconic and. Will always stand tall , as one of the best independent horror movies of all time . Always goes down a treat, on every Halloween 🎃
O. B. TryggvasonReviewed in the United Kingdom on 26 October 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great edition of a classic
Verified purchase
There's nothing I can add about the quality of "Halloween"; it's a classic horror film and deservedly so. Most viewers, like me, know the film frame for frame so the fright factor has faded but it's so athmospheric in it's buildup and it simply transports you to a state of mind few horror films manage to do. That's at least why I can watch it endlessly, it seems.

This Blu-ray is great I thought. I already had the 2001 DVD release (with a big THX advert on it) and I remember that edition blew me away back then. It was a huge leap compared to the VHS I had just about worn out. This Blu-ray image is superb and is easily an improvement over any DVD edition; but I didn't purchase the initial Blu-ray release a few years back so I can't comment on that. I have done a bit of research at Blu-ray review sites and, incredibly enough, a few of them have had negative comments concerning the visual image. I can't see anything wrong with it; simply beautiful to look at.

Audio wise I thought the mono track sounded a bit off.

Extras are fine but a little underwhelming. The new commentary is a fun listen and Jamie Lee Curtis's feature; "The Night She Came Home" is better than I thought. The Television scenes are wisely presented as a bonus feature rather then inserted into the film but they're fun to go through.

Potential buyers should know that the film has English subtitles but there's no mention of it anywhere. Also, there's no second disc as is listed on the site.

Great film and a great edition; and the Steelbook is nice.
3 people found this helpful
Colonel DeckerReviewed in the United Kingdom on 05 February 2012
5.0 out of 5 stars
Greatest Horror Movie of All Time
Verified purchase
What can one say about Halloween that has not been repeated a thousand times?

This 1978 classic may not have been the very first slasher stalk em', but it was not far off.
What sets Halloween apart from the rest is it's relentlessness in overempowerment.
Michael Myers does not stop, the music does not stop, John Carpenter the director does not stop.
What other horror movie especially at the time did not care if it's serial killer turned up at the school gates in broad dayylight. Or meanced its would be victims in front of their friends before the sun had gone down?

Michael doesn't care, because Michael is a psychopath who wants to get caught, that's the game. And Carpenter executes this to the maximum. I've always wondered if Carpenter really meant to make a classic or if it just happened. Of course when you look at what he went on to make, The Fog, The Thing, then one knows that Carpenter will always be a horror legend, but did he really mean to make such a masterful film at this stage in his career?

I say that Halloween is the ultimate No.1. horror film of all time. Though my mind is open and if I come across a movie from any period then who knows if the movie will retain that position? However I have watched close to a thousand horror movies ranging from Universal's Frankenstein right up to what we unfortunetly have now with polished remakes and reboots. But I still haven't found a movie that can challenge Halloween's simplicity but all out tension.

Halloween is just pure brillance and pure horror and if you are a horror fan and do not have this movie in your collection then you have more than a gaping hole missing.

Now I want to talk about the various dvd's out there on Halloween from Anchor Bay.
The first 2 disc set was released in 2001. Disc 1 features a few extras, such as a retrospective and bios, trailers. But disc 2 is a treat as it features the extra 12 mins USA TV version of the film. What's more the dvd box does not mention this extra, so it's a real surprise when you pop the dvd in your machine. Nice.

Two years later Anchor Bay released the 25th anniversary. Great picture here and different extras including cast commentary and an 87 min doc on the movie, so well worth getting. However in 2006, Anchor Bay released the 'cash cow' version with just the movie, absolutely no extras, not even chapter selection.

So if you are a fan of the movies it is worth getting the 2001 and 2003 versions.
One person found this helpful
boothy 1015Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 August 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
The best American horror film ever made
Verified purchase
Halloween was the first American horror film I ever saw, as I had grown up watching brilliant Hammer Horror films and my parents had a trust in Hammer that it would scare me, but never terrify me. Halloween terrified me ( I was only 10). I still watch it every 31st October. A simple tale of an escaped mental patient, twisted slightly so that he becomes more than just a killer. He becomes everything that is scary about a windy, cold dark night, everything that is scary about the dark at the top of the stairs or that noise out the back garden when you're at home on your own. Probably considered tame by today's horror fans, this nevertheless swaps gore for true suspense and does it exceptionally well. A true classic, well worth a purchase. The blu-ray version is crisp and clear, and really does impress. Enjoy!
17 people found this helpful
auroraReviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 August 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
The night the came home,if this can't make you have goosebumps I don't what it will.
Verified purchase
Halloween,the night he came home! I really have to say only positive things about this movie.Its a classic and I saw it for the very first time only two weeks ago.I sure was really hooked by this movie and its story.I love horror but not every horror movie from the early 70s is Always so creepy and full of tension(I rule out Texas chainsaw massacre) cause that movie was really awesome.But certain horror movies are really not good and poorly done but this changed the all thing.I was seeing people posting pictures of this movie and everybody said that it was awesome and so I had to buy it and see it and I think I will see it other many times!.Michael Myers is so creepy,only seeing the shadow of that man in the movie can creepy you out,with that knife ready to kill people.This movie is a mix of emotions ,its creepy,fascinating.only one thing I was dissapointed about,there was no special feature and no subtitles and also you couldn't even skip on a scene without put the movie in fast forward but the movie itself is Amazing.
One person found this helpful
Carly NicholasReviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 October 2013
5.0 out of 5 stars
The night he came home
Verified purchase
I have been a fan of the Halloween film franchise since I was a teenager. I originally had a copy of this film on vhs, so it's nice to finally be able to buy it on dvd. There are 2 discs and a lenticular cover with is impressive to look at.

Apparently there is an extended tv version of the film that is a bit longer than the actual film. It was cut for advertisements on tv. I look forward to watching this film again, it's been a long time since I have seen it, but I always watch it on Halloween. John Carpenter, didn't have a big budget while this film was being made, so that's why it is of low quality and there is a lack of blood. However I think this film is effective in a psychological way, it's disturbing.

I have seen this film at least 20 times and i'm still not tired of it :) This is a must have for and slasher horror fan. If you love horror films then either watch or buy this film right now!
Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United Kingdom on 15 February 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
There is no need for me to write anything simply is THE classic slasher film. The only thing I would say is, if you have a kid who you think will be interested in horror films, get them some popcorn, a cushion to hide behind and press play! My mum did this with me and its one of my favourite memories. However, do not let them watch a nightmare on elm street until they're good and ready! haha
5 people found this helpful
The EqualizerReviewed in the United Kingdom on 24 March 2014
5.0 out of 5 stars
Finally the real deal...
Verified purchase
Halloween.A movie which defines a genre.A Cult Picture,a classic and finally a masterwork. Now for the 35th Anniversary it gets the final edition.Or not? Well after the recent blu ray edition the film was mastered with a new pristine master overlooked by Dean Cundey himself and this version blew me away.Not only is the picture clear as hell the sound got a 7.1 True Hd mix,which makes your neighbor s*** his pants.This version is so stunning i can' put it in words.The next highlight is a brand new Audio Commentary by Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis with every detail story you want.The other specials are basically short films about Curtis visiting a fan convention or some views about the locations.So if you never own this classic don't hesitate to buy.If you already purchased the old blu put it under the christmas tree for a friend and get your new copy.
5 people found this helpful
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