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Everything and Nothing: The Amazing Science of Empty Space

8.51 h 58 min2011ALL
This award-winning film takes us on an epic journey to uncover the true size of the smallest particles in nature and the science of empty space, which scientists now believe is teeming with energy and exotic matter. Part science, part philosophy, and part history, this film offers a gripping and spectacular exploration of cutting-edge science with one of the greatest science TV hosts in our time.
Nic Stacey
Special Interest
English [CC]
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4.6 out of 5 stars

66 global ratings

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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

dogsolitude_ukReviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 August 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Truly awe-inspiring documentary, beautifully produced. Stands well alongside Sagan's 'Cosmos'
Verified purchase
One of the best cosmology documentaries I've seen in a very long time.

Split into two parts, the first half ("Everything") takes us on a journey from Copernicus through to the modern understanding of the large-scale structures of the universe. The second ("Nothing") describes the history of our investigation into vacuum and empty space from Aristotle's adage 'Nature abhors a vacuum' through Toricelli's creation of the first laboratory vacuum, the falsification of the theory of 'lumineferous aether' up to Dirac's equation and the discovery of matter/animatter virtual particle pairs.

The production is excellent: restrained and remarkable for eschewing the sensationalist bombastics of YouTube Documentaries and The Universe. This is no cheap-ass dumbed-down CGI-fest by any stretch. The imagery is beautiful in HD, and the minimalist music suits the subject matter and Professor Jim Al-Khalili's scholarly-yet-engaging delivery perfectly. The pacing is also excellent: you have enough time to reflect on what Al-Khalili and his interviewees have described, and there's a refreshing lack of that constant 'padding' repetition found in other documentaries.

Al-Khalili strikes an excellent balance between historical narrative and scientific fact, framing the science well in a story of human discovery.

Thoroughly enjoyed this, and I would love to see more from Al-Khalili and this production company. Brilliant stuff.

More of this kind of thing, Amazon!

P.S. if you like retro synth music, make sure you stick around for the end credits...
8 people found this helpful
David CopperfieldReviewed in the United Kingdom on 02 May 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
Science or Linguistics?
Verified purchase
Very well thought out programme indeed but the uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics and all the weird stuff that goes on at this tiny levels of reality makes me wonder if all our scientific effort is flawed to begin with . Eg. Aristotle's principle of nothingness is a philsophical humanistic principle, yet science has taken it as literal and can be criticised in dealing with words and linguistic notions rather than fundamental physical and metaphysical reality. Aristotle has been justified in his notion of nothingness given Durak's hypothesis. Maybe mainstream religion and philosophy has something valid to say afterall, by using pure human intellect and our wondrous transcendent spirit.
SeanReviewed in the United Kingdom on 03 July 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Well Worth Your Time
Verified purchase
A fascinating documentary with real credibility in the form of presenter Professor Jim Al-Khalili and an excellently up-to-date analysis of quantum science, amongst other things. It may be a little long for someone who isn't as slavishly interested in the topic as I am, but if you have an interest in what happens at the most extreme and remote scales in our universe then there's lots here to chew on. I've read about the topic for years and yet there were still a few things in the documentary which I didn't know, so either it's really comprehensive or my learning is worryingly slow and I should see a doctor. The visuals are extremely clean and not at all sensationalised, unlike many modern documentaries.

Overall, it's well worth your time, even if you're not sure you're interested.
11 people found this helpful
DaisyReviewed in the United Kingdom on 03 October 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
An illuminating journey from the cosmological to the sub-microscopic
Verified purchase
As science fiction becomes smarter, sometimes it's good to take in equally smart documentaries about the physics and cosmology that feed the imaginations of writers and filmmakers. Expressions such as matter/antimatter, virtual particles, quantum mechanics (and leap!), the uncertainty principle, gravity and space-time are reasonably commonly used but not properly understood, if at all, by a lot of us, so I found these two hour-long documentaries, ably presented by Professor Jim Al-Khalili on the vastly huge ("Everything") and the unimaginably tiny ("Nothing"), to be valuable - even if there are still things that I can't get my head round. He manages to convey tricky science using similes and analogies without patronising the viewer, and also communicates his genuine passion for the history of how humanity has managed to understand and describe the universe. This is a classy pair of documentaries, right down to the unobtrusive but lovely musical soundtrack.
One person found this helpful
AlzeReviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 October 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
a fantastic documentary thats worth the time watch
Verified purchase
At 2hrs its a big documentary, but it covers big ideas. The presentation and demonstration is fantastic. It makes me want to go out and learn more and come back to review this. If you have an interest in the world around you, then its worth your time to watch. I took a break at around 1hr, and found it easy to digest, but there is so much in here - but brilliantly articulated.
JamieReviewed in the United Kingdom on 10 June 2022
5.0 out of 5 stars
Utterly Brilliant!
Verified purchase
If you have any bone of curiosity for the natural world and how things are the way they are within you, STOP right now and watch this!
Brilliantly narrated and thorough and well articulated making unbelievably complex theories that underpin the universe around us easy to stomach and digest. I now have an even more profound appreciation for the world around me.
This left me starring at the kitchen table afterwards thinking about what the atoms inside are doing and where they've been. My wife thought I was broken...
Fred WrightReviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 December 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Another great documentary
Verified purchase
Excellent documentary for all audiences (except the handful of god botherers leaving bizarre one star comments it seems). If you already know a lot of this then it is still interesting to discover how the theories came to be, how they were proven, the people behind it and what ideas came before and after them. If you don't know any of it or much about science in general then I can't imagine a better way of learning about complex things in a short time than watching Jim Al-Khalili's documentaries.
JackoReviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 August 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
Unlike so many TV shows, say perhaps Horizon, which promise so much yet deliver so little, these two features take you on a journey of mankind's understanding of the Universe from the very beginnings, to today's comprehension of quantum field theory and the Big Bang. Absolutely fascinating and truly enlightening. Finally, something worth watching on Amazon ;)
4 people found this helpful
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