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Deep Rising

6.01 h 46 min199815
From the depths of the south China sea, creatures attack and cannibalize the passengers on a luxury cruise liner. For the few survivors remaining on board who are able to elude the bone-crushing forces, a living nightmare awaits them at every turn.
Stephen Sommers
Treat WilliamsFamke JanssenWes Studi
Science Fiction
English [CC]
Audio Languages
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Supporting actors
Djimon HounsouJason FlemyngDerrick O'ConnorKevin J. O'ConnorAnthony Heald
Laurence MarkJohn Baldecchi
Hollywood Pictures
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4.4 out of 5 stars

1498 global ratings

  1. 64% of reviews have 5 stars
  2. 20% of reviews have 4 stars
  3. 11% of reviews have 3 stars
  4. 3% of reviews have 2 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Jack TorranceReviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 February 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Full Scream Ahead!
Verified purchase
HA! I love to include the classic tag-lines in the headline! 😆

Before Stephen Sommers went on to direct The Mummy and Van Helsing, he made Deep Rising. An old-school, fairly silly creature feature about some crooks trying to rob an ocean liner only to discover it abandoned and now inhabited by seemingly tentacled creatures with a taste for flesh!

Treat Williams stars as Finnegan, the captain of the boat hired by the crooks to get them to the cruise liner. He's got a great personality and a quick mouth ably supported by his mechanic and friend Pantucci played by an always crazy Kevin J. O'Connor.

The crooks are made up of some really top supporting actors who went on to great things including the absolute bad ass Djimon Hounsou. Wes Studi is the leader with style and a desire to stay alive at all costs. Jason Flemyng is annoying as ever but gets killed off soon enough. The late Trevor Goddard is an Australian nutter who picks on Pantucci a lot. Cliff Curtis and Clifton Powell don't get much to do unfortunately.

Then we come to the cream of the crop, Famke Janssen 😍 She's always amazing and here she's very fiery like her character in Goldeneye, although not as sadistic! She hits it off with Finnegan immediately and they form an alliance.

The story is pretty good for such a small scale film. CGI is absolutely awful but it was early days for it and a lot was done in post-production after the test audiences didn't like the finale.

I love to watch this on a Sunday afternoon when it's raining because it adds to the effect!
4 people found this helpful
Ms D BarnardReviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 March 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
poseiden adventure meets 20, 000 leagues under the sea as imagined by EC comics artists
Verified purchase
a sort of Indiana Jones type captain has been tricked by a gang of torpedo-wielding ne'er do wells into driving his small ship to an unexplained destination for unknown reasons. There's also the most expensive boat in the world floating around in the area - one for the richest people in the world - how do you know they're rich? Cos they're in a casino in glittery '80s trashy dresses and tops being serenaded by headache-inducing marching drummers and cheesy fire-eaters. There's also a sexy theif lady wondering around. There's also the monster of don't see mr monster for ages and ages...i thought it was going to be one of those cop outs where you don't see it or when you see it it's 'in the dark'....but no you get plenty of full frontal monster action (yay!). My favourite bit was the corpses the monster leaves (and almost corpses) that look like Berni Wrightson drew them or a particularly gore-loving EC comics artist. Cheesy as all get-out, a bit long but ultimately really good fun
Mr Dean Geoffrey Teft RobertsReviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 January 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
a good fun ride!
Verified purchase
this light-hearted creature feature is huge fun, with inventively gory monsters and fast-paced action. Treat Williams and Famke Janssen make for engaging leads while Anthony Heald is as reliably slimy as ever as the villain. The CGI holds up pretty well and doesn't look too dated. A fun mash-up of horror, action and disaster movie that succeeds by never taking itself too seriously whilst still being led by performances with gusto and conviction.
SamReviewed in the United Kingdom on 03 February 2012
3.0 out of 5 stars
Mindless, action entertainment
Verified purchase
This was never meant to be a film that would tick all the boxes for an Oscar nomination, it wasn't supposed to be at the top of the list of nominations for an academy award. It was meant to be a fun, action packed thrill ride that will entertain and provide a good way to spend a couple of hours in front of the TV.
The story follows Treat Williams (as wooden as ever) who is giving some mercenaries a lift, what he doesn't know is that he's taking them to a luxury cruise liner that thye are going to board, rob and then blow up. But things take a nasty turn as from the depths of the ocean a monster rises and infests the ship, killing almost every single passenger (in a very gruesome manner) and causing the mercenaries and Williams a lot of trouble once they get on board. No sooner than they do board than one by one they get picked off by the hungry tentacles. The CGI is decent, not ground breaking, but acceptable enough for a film of this age and budget, the acting is decidedly hammy, though Famke Janseen is good as the thief who survives by being locked in a fridge and who ends up accompanying Treat on their journey through the ship.
Stephen Sommers is an adept director, having helmed such films as The Mummy 1 and later its sequel as well as the entertaining Van Helsing. As i said before it will never win any awards but it does offer up some thrills, spills and action and, for those of us who don't want to watch a film that makes us so bored we end up staring out the window, its perfect.
The special features are rubbish, but i doubt that anyone will be dedicated enough to this film to really be bothered how it was made.
Overall it is worthy of a three star rating for offering mindless fun with unique monsters and a fast pace.
11 people found this helpful
daniel g heryetReviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 April 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
A fun film
Verified purchase
This is an underrated film, its not fantastic but actually its a good fun film. I know that the acting isn't brilliant and the storyline could be better. But this film is loads of fun, it is really enjoyable.
It hasn't aged well and the special effects are pretty poor but I still love to watch it. This is just one of those films you can sit and enjoy without thinking too much.
Fun film filled with action, well worth watching, even if it is just once!
2 people found this helpful
Mr McComberReviewed in the United Kingdom on 01 September 2014
4.0 out of 5 stars
creature effects are reasonable although obviously CGI in a few places and there's some great dialogue, "If the cash is there
Verified purchase
A "creature feature" with some reasonable special effects, featuring Kevin O'Connor, Treat Williams and Wes Studi, creature effects are reasonable although obviously CGI in a few places and there's some great dialogue, "If the cash is there, we do not care" - what kind of life philosophy is that?" shouts Joey at his skipper, Finnegan, who soon has cause to regret his ill chosen words. The Argonautica is a luxury cruise ship too costly to run, so its owner decides to indulge in a little hijacking by Wes Studi and his team to claim on the insurance, the trouble is the ship is attacked by enormous sea serpents who start munching their way through the passengers. Joey says " We all have to die because you screwed up on the math!". T Ray growls at Joey, I don't like you..." and Joey says "You don't even know me". Good lines, fun to watch with your mates and a few beers but there's several gruesome scenes. One of the hijackers gets an axe buried in his head by mistake which is pretty realistically done.
2 people found this helpful
JakeReviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 July 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Cliched but insanely fun
Verified purchase
This is an insanely fun action horror comedy film that manages to overcome an underwhelming first act and a whole boatload of cliches to make for a highly entertaining and engrossing experience. The cast is really good, the action scenes are great, the practical effects are superb, most of the special effects still hold up, after the first act the pacing is solid, the score is well-done, features plenty of intentional laughs and the violence is effective.
MykeReviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 March 2021
3.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I remembered watching this when I was younger and being hooked, as it’s grown older it’s lost some of the magic but it’s mostly still there.
Good to have on in the background whilst pottering with something else.
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