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Das Boot

Season 1
An inexperienced U-boat crew has to survive a secret mission and a young German woman is torn between loyalty for her home country and the French resistance.
Rick OkonVicky KriepsRobert Stadlober
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  1. 1. New Day
    November 23 2018
    Audio Languages
    An inexperienced U-boat crew are plunged into a perilous secret mission, while new translator Simone starts work at the base.
  2. 2. Secret Mission
    November 23 2018
    Audio Languages
    Hoffmann insists on further training despite the crew's desire to head to battle. In La Rochelle, Simone pieces together the previous night's events.
  3. 3. Incurred Losses
    November 23 2018
    Audio Languages
    Tennstedt and Hoffmann continue to butt heads aboard U-612, while rebel Carla Monroe plans a mission in La Rochelle.
  4. 4. Doubt
    November 23 2018
    Audio Languages
    Unity on U-612 has crumbled and Hoffman and Tennstedt's continued conflict could jeopardise the mission. On land, Simone wrestles with a difficult choice.
  5. 5. Loyalty
    November 23 2018
    Audio Languages
    A surprise new arrival takes Greenwood's place, causing a divide. Plus, Carla and Simone grow closer and a resistance fighter arrives at the safe house.
  6. 6. Against The Clock
    November 23 2018
    Audio Languages
    Things look bleak for the crew of U-612, as they desperately try to work out their next move. Simone adjusts to her new position between Carla and Forster.
  7. 7. Hell
    November 23 2018
    Audio Languages
    Forster reveals to Simone that U-612 has gone missing. Meanwhile, the resistance endanger the innocent to further their cause.
  8. 8. Reckoning
    November 23 2018
    Audio Languages
    The U-boat crew struggle with recent events and what lies ahead. A revelation in La Rochelle infuriates Forster spelling bad news for Simone.

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Andreas Prochaska
Supporting actors
Leonard SchleicherRainer BockAugust WittgensteinTom WlaschihaVincent KartheiserJames D'arcyThierry FrémontLizzy CaplanKevin Mcnally
Moritz Polter
Season year
Sky Atlantic
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4.4 out of 5 stars

491 global ratings

  1. 69% of reviews have 5 stars
  2. 15% of reviews have 4 stars
  3. 9% of reviews have 3 stars
  4. 4% of reviews have 2 stars
  5. 3% of reviews have 1 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Rockape4241Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 07 May 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
Once upon a time.....a world war 2 fairy tale
Verified purchase
What an absolute load of rubbish. I can't understand why other reviewer's have given this tripe the star-rating they have. The story line could have been written by Steven Spielberg. The acting is wooden and the story-lines so untrue to real life it beggars belief.

The U Boat arm. Highly professional with a deep sense of loyalty to their boat, officer's and crew-mates. Nothing like this on U612. A First Officer with the Knights Cross? Come on. Off-duty crew members are shown as animals. The crew of U612 seem to be able to shave every day and have access to regular shower's. Anyone who has watched the Wolfgang Petersen film will get an idea of what submarine crews looked like after a war patrol.

The French Resistance sets of a bomb off in the dockyard at La Rochelle during the ceremony of a U-Boat returning from its war patrol. The German authorities decide not to execute French citizens because it would alienate the workforce. The German Occupying authorities never hesitated to exact a very high toll in reprisals on the civilian population in any of the territories they controlled. They were never squeamish when it came to making sure that they were recognised as being in charge.

We have a female member of the resistance who speaks with an American accent. As far as I'm aware, no American citizens served as members of SOE (Special Operations Executive), the British agency responsible for dropping agents into the occupied countries.

What we have here is another WW2 programme/film where America wins the war. Garbage. We see a U-Boat on the surface being attacked by a RAF Coastal Command Sunderland and then lo and behold, after it dives an American warship turns up and sinks it. Later on we see an American corvette being attacked and sunk. This unfortunate ship was 1700metres from U612 and never detected it. What was the corvette crew doing, sleeping off an excess of Coca Cola? Yes, the American navy took part in the Battle of the Atlantic, but most of the convoy protection was provided by Royal Navy and Royal Canadian Navy warships. How do we know that these were American ships? Because of the silhouette's. One things for sure, they are definitely NOT RN or RCN warships.

The credits for this rubbish say that the series is based on books written by Lothar Gunther Buchheim. Yes, based on the title, Das Boot, nothing else.

Unfortunately, I believe that most people who have viewed this tripe and written reviews have little or no understanding of WW2 history, in particular the war in the Atlantic; convoys, convoy escorts, RAF Coastal Command, the U-Boat arm, the French Resistance, SOE and finally how the Germans acted in the occupied countries when it came to taking reprisals against the civilian population.

Das Boot in its original form was excellent, probably the best WW2 film ever. it's a pity this mini-series has the same name.
51 people found this helpful
Nicholas SimpsonReviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 November 2019
3.0 out of 5 stars
No English subtitles included on the disk
Verified purchase
Love the series, but for reasons known only to the publisher, the Bluray release includes no English subtitles
13 people found this helpful
Chris FReviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 December 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Not the Das Boot I was expecting
Verified purchase
As a stand alone series, "Das Boot" 2018 is an ok romp based on the 2nd World War with some U-Boat action.

As a remake of Das Boot from the 1981 film it fails entirely.

It has little to do with the Das Boot film from 1981 and introduces things that simply didn't appear in the film and plot events that differ wildly from the film too.

There is a major focus on sub plots based onshore, including a same sex affair, a resistance cell led by a good looking woman who then meets a good looking man. Some stuff about parties and bars and the like. The Spanish Civil War gets a look in too. Oh, there's some torture as well.

It reminds me of Man in The High Castle, although not as good.

I bought this hoping for a modern remake of Das Boot and instead found a soap opera with a U-Boat in it.
2 people found this helpful
Phillip MarloweReviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 March 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
No English subtitles for English dialogue, for hard of hearing English customers.
Verified purchase
Unexpectedly t,there is way too much dialogue in English. So, if you depend on English subtitles for all the dialogue, this is useless to you, and to me. I had not reckoned on there being so much English and so I gave up after episode 3. Very frustrating and so disappointed. When producers of DVDs say there are English subtitles, they should be obliged to inform customers exactly what language there are subtitles for, as well as what language there are not subtitles for, in this case there are no English subtitles for English dialogue.
3 people found this helpful
R. StewartReviewed in the United Kingdom on 06 October 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
Not bad, but not "Das Boot".
Verified purchase
This is a new series and is not in any way related to the 1980's classic based on Buchiem's book.
As a U B related Tv series not bad but to me, too many stereotypes and I found it hard to warm to any of the characters.
The plot is not wholly related to the crew it covers "Gestapo" / French resistance, romance plots, and what goes on at sea with spies etc thrown in.
The plot is to me as I said this lacks (three episodes in and rather impossible to believe) the grit and involvement of the 80's classic - it attempts to recreate this but to me ( speaking for myself) it does not really achieve this - seems a bit cold and contrived.
Somethings just do not add up a First Officer and Knights Cross Holder experienced - what is he not away for his own command instead of being 1st officer to a new captain - this makes no sense at all and becomes a subplot / serious plot in the storyline.
Will watch it all but this in spite of the title is not and should not be confused with the classic DB - this is a totally unrelated and separate project.
One person found this helpful
Glenn CookReviewed in the United Kingdom on 30 April 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
Two Stories For The Price of One.
The original mini series of Das Boot was superb in that it focused on the crew of a German U boat under pressure at War.
That was the best part about it men at War under stress from the German Viewpoint.

Don't get me wrong this is a good mini series consisting of 8episodes and well deserves another series but.
I think they are trading too much upon the name Das Boot.

The action is split between Capt. Hoffman with his crew that distrust him and action on shore at La Rochelle with the French resistance.

Now both are good and separate stories BUT I believe they have taken the Hollywood way out to attract the America Audiences and as such fails because it falls between two stools.

The leader of the French Resistance in the La Rochelle area is an American Woman a veteran of the Spanish Civil War Republic/Communist side and a Lesbian to boot. Add to that she is wounded and has to take Morphine to survive refused to get sent to safety and hospital treatment in England so she becomes a morphine addict and you get a plot that even the writers of Alo, Alo would throw out for being too far fetched.

I'm only surprised to find that she was not the illegitimate daughter of the British Royal Family and an Afro American as well.
Talk about cliches.

A good looking American Woman who does not speak French very well being in charge of a whole Gung Ho set of French Resistance fighters.

She had to be American of course and a veteran of the Spanish Civil War because America did not join the war until 1941.

If I were French I would be insulted that the writers are trying to suggest the Americans ran the resistance in WW2 rather than the brave native French.

Add to that the U Boat having a secret rendevouz to exchange a U Boat captain for an Ameican Business man's son in a private war vessel. Far fetched to say the least.

Now the shore action itself is not bad Tom Wlaschiha (best known to UK audiences for his portrayal as Jaqen H'ghar from the Game of Thrones is excellent and ably supported by VickyKrieps as the interpreter Simone Strasser.

The rest of the cast are superb.
49 people found this helpful
Mr. Kyle HutchesonReviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 July 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Das Boot but only half on the boat.
Verified purchase
This is not a continuation of the original 1980s series, the story split instead between the UBoat crew while on patrol and French Resistance in La Rochelle. It looks good, sounds good, is well acted and atmospheric...but then the obvious has to be introduced for no reason other than it can be. I'll not spoil the "shock" but it's a totally pointless plot thread that has no relevance to the main story. But this is modern day and so someone, somewhere in a film or TV show has to have their moment in the sun.

Anyway, the UBoat crew are not shown in a good light (because they are Nazis, of course, and Nazis are B-A-D...OK? Just in case you didn't get it...) and they do bad things whilst ashore, then at sea on patrol, then to each other. At times, if you know anything about the real men who sacrificed themselves on these boats, you'll groan out loud but the visuals are good so you'll kind of forgive the stupidity of some of the things that happen.

Believe it or not, I actually liked the show but you have to see it for what it is-not a continuation of the first series or anywhere near as good as it, not accurate in the portrayal of the UBoat crews, but quite accurate in the costumes and scenery and the constant suspicion and paranoia of the time.

Just take it for what it is-a modern interpretation of a classic.
One person found this helpful
Mr. R. Mun GavinReviewed in the United Kingdom on 01 February 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Underrated war movie series!
Verified purchase
I must say, I really enjoyed this series - it was certainly very gripping.
For those who saw the original "Das Boot", and are expecting more of the same, they may be a little disappointed - the action is split pretty much 50:50 between the U-boat (U-612, I think) and action on land (involving the French Resistance and Gestapo - linked to someone on the U-boat).
Like the original "Das Boot", the U-boat scenes are incredibly realistic and a mutiny is thrown into the plot (I won't say any more on that as it will ruin it for those still to watch the series).

I have no problem in giving this series 5 stars!!
3 people found this helpful
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