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Crisis in Six Scenes

Season 1
Crisis in Six Scenes is a comedy that takes place in the 1960's during turbulent times in the United States and a middle class suburban family is visited by a guest who turns their household completely upside down.
Woody AllenMiley CyrusElaine May
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3.7 out of 5 stars

79 global ratings

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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

realreview86Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 February 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
Beautifully Intelligent funny drama
Verified purchase
This is brilliant.
I do not understand all of the negative reviews this series has received. I strongly suspect many of them have been written and perpetuated by right wing pro capitalist establishments-who frankly do not wish for such a smart, enlightening and highly entertaining show with a well known cast to receive a wide audience during election time-or anytime for that matter.
This series has it all. Wonderful plot, comedy, exquisite cast and particularly strong supporting characters. There is a great sense of nostalgia. However what steals the show is the very well crafted analysis of politics, establishment corruption, material obsession and zombie like following by an anaesthetised passive population that existed in the 60's during the horrific Vietnam war. This series beautifully demonstrates that nothing has actually changed 50 years later-he is really talking about what is happening now. One of themes I particularly enjoyed is the idea that whites who were passionate political activists were portrayed as marijuana smoking drug dealing hippies who were not in line with real life or real politics-but rather just wanted to lie around naked and be stoned. And those black activists-ie Black panther were somehow an extremely violent, angry terrorist group. Very interesting and again beautiful points to mull over
I love Woody Allen and would say this is some of his best work-heartfelt, intelligent, political, social, endearing, religious, conscientious, humble, humanitarian and terrifically funny. I really loved this. Don't listen to the dubious negative reviews. This should be on primetime and have large following I hope he does a second series. Thanks Woody Allen :)
4 people found this helpful
A ReviewerReviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 July 2017
5.0 out of 5 stars
A true gem
Verified purchase
Take no notice of the prejudiced naysayers, Crisis In Six Scenes is superb. A great cast, engaging characters, skillfully produced and shot and a cleverly observed story line and characters, what's not to like? If you are expecting the usual manic video game trailer crash bang wallop Hollywood McMovie you are going to be disappointed. Witty, intelligent and amusing this has the existential presence, beguiling pace and humanity which is the hallmark of all Mr Allen's best pictures. Perhaps the greatest delight amongst many is the performance of the truly wonderful Elaine May as Kay Munsinger, she is an absolute treasure. A rare treat indeed and one we need more of. Along with a supporting cast of the likes of Lewis Black this is a thoroughly enjoyable series whether you like to savor your feast or binge watch it all in one sitting, ignore the miserable critics and enjoy yourself.
All credit to Amazon Studios for supporting and encouraging Mr Allen to work just outside his comfort zone. More please.
Highly recommended.
4 people found this helpful
Paul BartlettReviewed in the United Kingdom on 04 October 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
A very nice series with some good themes
Verified purchase
I didn't find it particularly funny; amusing, yes, but usually not laugh-out-loud funny. That's not a criticism, just that I would put it alongside 'Manhatten Murder Mystery' rather than 'Annie Hall'. There are several good themes that get talked about, but a suspect that Woody Allen himself is a 'limousine liberal'.

Something that I haven't read in the reviews is how this was a great idea for a short series - it's political and interesting while still being an Allen vehicle. In its own way, this was quite an experimental idea and kudos to Woody for doing it.
2 people found this helpful
BrianReviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 February 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I’m not a Woody Allen fan, so I was unsure if I would like this, but I wasn’t disappointed. The scene is set in the American suburban household of the Munsinger’s. Woody Allen plays neurotic Sidney, and Elaine May plays his equally dithering wife, Kay. He’s a mediocre author with a pretentious pen-name and Kay runs a couples therapy service from their very middle class home.

It’s the 1960’s and the USA is experiencing troubled times. References are made to many political agendas like the Vietnam war, Black Panthers and Chairman Mao, but they don’t dominate the scenes too much.

Sidney and Kay Munsinger lead a relatively docile life until Kay insists they take in a radical criminal who is on the run from prison. I never did quite understand her reasoning, but the slightly farfetched, yet enjoyable, story unfolds from there.

Miley Cyrus plays the convict, Lennie Dale and, for me, she and her wonderful husky voice are the reason I continued to watch. The interaction and one-liners between her and Sidney (Woody Allen) were the funniest moments.

I enjoyed remembering the 60’s. I felt a lot of the performance from Woody and Elaine May were sticky in places and, at times, scenes felt a bit chaotic and somewhat unlikely. It was almost like a fly-on-wall experience, observing a fairly ordinary couple become embroiled in a ridiculous nutty cause.

Did I enjoy it? You bet I did. I think it would make a much better screen play, but this is a good start and passes a very pleasant couple of hours.
DavboReviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 October 2016
4.0 out of 5 stars
Very good - if you're up for a slow ride.
Verified purchase
This being the first Woody Allan production I've watched, I jumped into it more out of curiosity about why he's a big deal rather than interest in the show itself or its subject matter.
The show begins slowly. The first episode aims to ease the audience into the setting of a wealthy American household, tutting quietly about the disgrace of the Vietnamese war. It's a bold move since nothing is set up to draw the audience in until near the end of the episode. I watched the characters mumble at each other about a subject I know nothing really about with a dull boredom. However after a few days I gave the second episode a shot, since I got the feeling the first episode was really building up to something.
I'm glad I did. The mumbley humour that seemed so particular at first grew on me and as the show went on I found myself laughing more and more. As the first episode indicates, the majority of the show is more of a discussion on a period of time rather than a twisting plot, and knowing so little about the era this was fascinating to me. The show is happy to mux along. It has a wonderful atmosphere and joviality to it, despite the tricky subject matter.
The show does have some flaws. It's so slow I'd suspect it's not to everyone's tastes. I was getting pretty tired of hearing S. J. Munsinger saying "I want her out of here!" towards the end. Also Miley Cyrus doesn't put on a very convincing act in my opinion; I feel you can almost see the gears turning in her head as most of her movements come across as exaggerated and unnatural. I'm not sure if this is because of her acting skills or because the script only lets her talk on and on about revolution, which I feel didn't leave much room for actual character. The character Alan suffers from this a little as well, however the actor pulls off a more convincing performance.
The show's at it's best in the one off scenes, where the same topics aren't hashed out over and over. My favourite scene has to be the book club, which is a one off. However scenes between Alan and Miley Cyrus' character were very similar to each other and so were of lessening interest to me each time the characters appeared together.
The Munsingers are both terrific, a very convincing couple and you can really imagine them talking the way they do through their whole marriage. All the characters represent different ideals of Americans in the time very well.
To summarise, I recommend sitting back with your feet up and trying out a couple episodes to see if it's for you.
One person found this helpful
beloveReviewed in the United Kingdom on 23 October 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Absolutely loved it!!
Verified purchase
Fantastic! Once again Woody Allen did his magic! I cried with laughter. A fine political farce comedy that satirises the past as much as the present. I read another review comparing it to Manhattan murder mystery and I agree. Only I think that this is a positive comment. I'ts one of my favourite laugh out loud Allen comedies. This series adds a bit more depth with its dialogue and it's sociopolitical critique though. And watching Woody Allen himself play is a rare treat nowadays! Highly recommended to Woody Allen fanatics like myself and to anyone looking for a light-hearted hilarious comedy. Thanks Woody!!!
3 people found this helpful
Ms. Z. KarimovaReviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 November 2017
4.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
I am a big fan of Woody Allen and this is a fine example of his work. Some of his films are like masterpieces and others are not so good. This is good, the acting is good and the dialogue seems sharp and funny. It seems slightly slow and repetitive at the beginning but gets more interesting towards the end. This is still the great Woody Allen, a living classic. Crisis in Six Scenes is good but not the best and not the worst of his creations. Definitely worth watching.
One person found this helpful
SaksunnyReviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 October 2016
5.0 out of 5 stars
Funny and absorbing
Verified purchase
Woody Allen neurosis never disappoints if you have not seen a Woody Allen movie recently. Sure it is formulaic, but I found the series absorbing with hilarity. The characters are typically Allen, stereotyped into some types of personalities but that is what makes them easy to follow and easy for them to deliver funny one-liners. Ignore the moaning critics and enjoy.
4 people found this helpful
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