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Black Plague

5.21 h 55 min201515
In 1348, with the horrors of the Black Death haunting Europe, English soldiers return home from war with a French nobleman as hostage. When people in their home village soon after begin to die, it is believed that the Black Death has struck once more. However, there are other dark reasons behind the sudden deaths.
Alberto Sciamma
Lena HeadeyJason FlemyngIan McNeice
English [CC]
Audio Languages
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Anthony O'DonnellDavid La HayeDominic Cooper
David BallAlex MarshallDavid RogersMichael Cowan
Bulldog Film
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2.9 out of 5 stars

58 global ratings

  1. 31% of reviews have 5 stars
  2. 12% of reviews have 4 stars
  3. 12% of reviews have 3 stars
  4. 7% of reviews have 2 stars
  5. 38% of reviews have 1 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Grumpy HistorianReviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 November 2018
1.0 out of 5 stars
Changing the name does not make a different movie.
Verified purchase
I suspected when I read the synopsis that this might be a rehash of a movie made some years ago called Anazapta. IT IS the exact same movie, released in 2001.

It has little to do with the Black Death, and the historical inaccuracies are painful. Among them a Chastity Belt. Seriously. One of the major characters wears what is basically a Victorian invention.
The plague only comes in in the sense that the French prisoner is supposed to be some embodiment of it, bringing vengeance for an act committed years before: and even that is absurdly overdone.

From what I remember it was just a very silly movie meant to be part supernatural horror with supposed 'Romance' thrown in, but little of either that was good.

Putting an actress on the front sitting on a seat that looks like the Iron Throne is nothing more than a marketing ploy to revive what was basically a mediocre B Movie.
8 people found this helpful
CartimandReviewed in the United Kingdom on 02 November 2018
3.0 out of 5 stars
Powerful and evocative medieval drama but too clever (confusing) by far
Verified purchase
This 2001 movie originally bore the enigmatic title Anazapta, which made little sense.
Its relaunched title of Black Plague is a little more descriptive and accessible, but it seems to have been rebundled, complete with Lena Headey sitting on a throne (no scene resembling that appears in the movie) as a cynical move to cash in on Game of Thrones.
It looks hideously authentic - the filth, squalor, rotten teeth and blatant cruelty of medieval life is well depicted, but the plot is a horridly convoluted one and you may struggle to keep track of what is real and what is supernatural paranoia. Just when I thought everything was beginning to make sense, the film blindsided me with some incoherent twists. I'm still puzzling over the enigmatic ending now some 24 hours after watching it.
Just about worth watching though. I found it to be decently acted, notably by Lena Headey as the long-suffering heroine in a chastity belt, and Ian McNeice as the truly repugnant bishop. It is, though, overly long and the confusing plot may try your patience.
5 people found this helpful
TVBHReviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 November 2018
3.0 out of 5 stars
Could Have Been So Much Better
Verified purchase
For the amount of money that was apparently spent on this, the good concept and the quality of actors, this film could have (should have) been so much better. Not quite as bad as many have reviewed (but also definitely not as good as a few 5starers have given)... Extremely poor storytelling on what is actually a very interesting concept. Also poor direction and - for my taste - poor cinematography and sound, or possibly just over stylized/trying to be old-school indie maybe(?). For example, although it was made in 2002, technically it looks like a French or Spanish film made in 70's - in a bad way. They changed the name to try and be more commercial, which only supports the hodgepodge of bad storytelling mixed with a good story, good actors and good costuming. The characters are vague and range from only marginally likeable to very unlikable (yet none are strong enough, for good or for bad, to really care enough about what happens to them). Finally, direction on vague, overly artsy ending is flat out bad.

If you are a subtle, romantic and/or an artistic person you might find this film watchable and even interesting. Those who are impatient and need things to be obvious and direct will most likely not enjoy it.

Also for the benefit of those who hate horror like me: this is NOT a horror film as it is listed. I am a wimp and was able to watch it without discomfort. It is just suspenseful, with some blood and mild violence in comparison to other typical blood and guts Medieval type films.
One person found this helpful
Carolyn HortonReviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 April 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
Could have been great....sadly not
Verified purchase
This is reminiscent of Name of the Rose... that's where it ends. Firstly it's so dark that you can barely see what's going on . It jumps around and makes no real sense. I'm still left confused at the end . can't say much more without giving the weak plot away.
2 people found this helpful
Sam VimesReviewed in the United Kingdom on 16 January 2016
3.0 out of 5 stars
Slow-burning medieval whodunnit - ok, but don't expect anything like Game of Thrones...
Verified purchase
A bit of a slow burner, and I found it a bit dull at times, but it's worth watching - just don't expect too much. Game of Thrones it ain't, that's for sure, and the re-release packaging, with Lena Headey sitting on an Iron Throne lookalike, is just a cynical attempt to hitch a ride on the GoT bandwagon.

But it was good to see Lena Headey in a pre-GoT role, even though she didn't have the best material to work with. My favourite LH role, apart from Cersei in GoT, is Ma-Ma in [[ASIN:B008OGHUFK Dredd (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray)]] but her Lady Matilda character in Black Plague doesn't even come close in terms of entertainment value. I wasn't that enamoured with the other acting performances - with the exceptions of Ian McNeice as the oily, lecherous bishop, and David La Haye as the mysterious French knight; both were very watchable. The storyline is ok, with a few twists and turns, and is quite a passable whodunnit. My advice is to lower your expectations before watching as you might then find something to like.
3 people found this helpful
MR N SAYCEReviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 March 2021
1.0 out of 5 stars
It's not about the Black Plague
Verified purchase
There's no excuse for calling it The Black Plague when it's barely mentioned throughout. One of the darkest and most awful periods of history and they replace all of that history with some utterly dull drama about sex and pictures of willy's. I skipped almost every second scene because I was sure it would get better and feature more of the history, but it didn't. Watch the documentary instead, it's far, far more interesting.
2 people found this helpful
Steven H.Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 February 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Chilling, Medieval, Whodunnit
Verified purchase
For goodness sake, stop calling these things 'horror'.
It is a chilling, medieval, thriller/whodunit with a supernatural tinge. It played out well and kept you guessing.
I loved the characters, casting, and acting. The setting was well portrayed and it was altogether a gripping film.

I hate that any film that makes you think at all gets a bad 'aydununnerstan' review.
ianReviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 December 2018
4.0 out of 5 stars
Very captivating
Verified purchase
Films are good if you dont get bored and are entertained. This had me interested from start to finish. Good portrayal of medieval life supporting an interesting story with just about enough mystery and intrigue and gore. Good solid performances . Gritty and real.
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