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Black 47

6.81 h 39 min2018X-Ray15
Set in Ireland during the Great Famine, the drama follows an Irish Ranger who has been fighting for the British Army abroad, as he abandons his post to reunite with his family. Despite experiencing the horrors of war, he is shocked by the famine's destruction of his homeland and the brutalization of his people and his family.
Lance Daly
Hugo WeavingStephen ReaFreddie Fox
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Barry KeoghanMoe DunfordSarah GreeneJim BroadbentCiaran Grace
Macdara KelleherTim O'HairArcadiy GolubovichJonathan Loughran
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4.4 out of 5 stars

919 global ratings

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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 December 2018
1.0 out of 5 stars
Does not provide English subtitles, therefore of little use, Wasted money!
Verified purchase
Unable to view because download did not provide subtitles for the hard of hearing. I therefore completely wasted my money and will not bother purchasing downloads from Amazon on the future. I suggest that Amazon recognises its responsibilities under the Disability Discrimination Act in respect of providing equality of services for those with disabilities, At the very least, it should provide notification BEFORE purchase that the download is inappropriate for the hard of hearing because of its failure to provide subtitles.
39 people found this helpful
JamesReviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 December 2020
5.0 out of 5 stars
Great Film - The British ruled over & crushed the Irish for 780 years it's a wonder any remain
Verified purchase
The British rule over Ireland commenced in and around 1169 and until 1949 the Irish remained the only European nation enslaved by the British. Being Irish in these times was to be born as a slave in your own lands and to be seen as subhuman and perhaps not even of similar value as an Oxen in the field.

In modern critical race theory we only ever hear about the plight of non whites, yet there was ever a single race of people punished more severely and for the longest time than the Irish. They have never been the top of the pile in any of their history.

It is interesting that during the film the British refer to Irish as aboriginals. In the context of original people contained with particular lands, the Irish as a people have been on the island of Ireland for over the last 12,500 years. This is as long in time than the native americans in america.

People need to realise that the whims and predilections of the British Royal Family caused the destruction of the Irish people. Remarkably it was not until as recently as 31 July 2007 when the last british soldier left Northern Ireland.
5 people found this helpful
rbmusicman/and/movie-fan'Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 December 2018
3.0 out of 5 stars
Verified purchase
A grim story set during the worst year of famine which had been caused by a series of Potato-Crop failures in Ireland.
We follow Feeney played by James Frecheville who had as an Irish Ranger spent years fighting for the British in far-off lands, hearing of problems at home he has deserted to return to his family only to find things far worse than he could have imagined, his family had fallen victim of the famine and the harsh rule of the British and indeed the brutal intent of the landlords.....his mother had died through starvation his brother hanged after trying to prevent eviction from the family home.
Things take a further turn for the worse for Feeney when his Brothers wife and three children who he has been staying with become evicted from the squat they were sheltering in, Feeney is arrested, his nephew killed, leaving his brothers wife and remaining children without shelter.
Feeney escapes his capture killing guards and destroying the barracks, he'll first seek out his brothers wife and children but will find they have perished.
Feeney now on the run being chased down by an arrogant young British Officer and a man he'd served in Afghanistan with Hannah (Hugo Weaving) has one thing on his mind, revenge for the injustices served upon his family.
He'll try to stay one step ahead of his pursuers as he serves out his brand of justice on those who had wronged his family.
A film i feel to catch on a movie channel rather than buy though clearly giving an indication of the injustices of that time and indeed an absorbing watch, i wonder if i'd watch it again anytime soon.
Footnote - The Irish language used throughout the film does have sub-titles
6 people found this helpful
RedLegsReviewed in the United Kingdom on 29 December 2018
2.0 out of 5 stars
Disappointingly dull
Verified purchase
DVD was pre- ordered and arrived when expected (two stars for that) I was really looking forward to this film but was bitterly disappointed- for such an interesting time in Irish/British history, I can't understand how such a boring film could result. Little characterising, poor screenplay; it is a straightforward tale of revenge using the harsh reality of the Irish famine and the brutality of the British as a feint backdrop. If you're expecting a historical drama avoid, if you fancy some light hearted violence with Irish accents (and language), watch by all means.
7 people found this helpful
Azimuth500Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 31 October 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
Irish Famine and the Struggle to Hold the Land
Verified purchase
At the heart of this compelling Irish film is the historic issue of the land. Who owns it, the wretchedly poor Irish folk in their stone crofts, some of whose men are away fighting in the Imperial British Army, or the English landowner, who deploys cold, violent force to get them gone. This theme and its archetypal passions, struggles and gritty test of courage has been set out before, as in the 1954 classic Western, Shane, which features the struggle in the US state of Wyoming, between the 'homesteaders' and the cattle barons to whom the pioneer farmers are merely an obstacle. Compounding the awfulness, Black '47 is set in the year the Irish 'Potato Famine' reached its height, when so many left, never to return, and so many perished on the land. Against this background, a soldier from the Imperial Connaught Rangers (stunningly portrayed by Australian actor James Frecheville, who nails the Irish accent and language) returns from distinguished overseas service to find his family deceased among the ruins of the family home. Mounted and armed with an enormous kukri, weapon and emblem of the Gurkhas of Nepal, this powerful figure of a man immediately sets out to right some of the wrongs wreaked on him and his.
One person found this helpful
shadowspiritReviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 August 2021
5.0 out of 5 stars
Awesome movie. Also if you are into Connaught Rangers history do not miss this.
Verified purchase
I myself am a big fan of history and of that of Irish rebels additionally. This movie has got it all. Brilliant action and thrilling violence in tandem with although it is just a story and made up nonetheless very relevantly harsh realistic fact of what the country was like in those bleak times where there was a thin line between old world rich and poor. Also as I have already mentioned in the title of this review if you are into researching the old regiments of the british empire then this is the film to very much get the beer and the popcorn out for cos its well worth your time in how I mean.
One person found this helpful
M. McClureReviewed in the United Kingdom on 05 June 2019
4.0 out of 5 stars
Adventure Story Set in the Irish Famine
Verified purchase
An Irishman deserting from the British Army in India makes his way home to Western Ireland to discover that his mother has died from fever brought on by the Irish Famine, his family have been thrown out of their cottage and the whole area is devastated not only by the famine but by the cruelties of hard-hearted landlords and the British authorities. Taking up a one man stand against the injustice he sees all around him, the film turns into an action adventure story as the ex-soldier takes on the might of the British government. This is my only criticism. I don't find the Irish Famine a fit subject for traditional adventure. The film is at times also very badly lit. Having written that, the production values are otherwise good. There is a real concern to get the setting of the period right with Gaelic and English being used and there are strong performances from Hugo Weaving, Jim Broadbent, Stephen Rea and Barry Keoghan.
One person found this helpful
coraReviewed in the United Kingdom on 20 October 2018
5.0 out of 5 stars
Powerful Revenge Film Set During the Irish Potato Famine of 1847 - DVD has Subtitles
The title of the film refers to that blackest period in Irish history, the Great Irish Famine of 1847 which was at its height in the summer of that year when the potato crop failed yet again and the native population was left to starve in their thousands. It is in this time that Feeney (James Frecheville), a deserter from the British army, returns home to his native Connemara. The country is desolate, burnt out cottages dot the landscape, any grain crops that have been saved are being shipped to England. Innumerable families have been evicted from their homes for failure to pay the rent to the British landlords and are left homeless, starving and freezing to death.

Feeney's mother is dead - she starved to death rather than convert to the Protestant faith in exchange for a bowl of soup. His brother is also dead, hanged for standing up to the British authorities. Feeney sets out on a mission of revenge and what follows is similar in vein to many a good Western. And it is not long before another man, Hannah (Hugo Weaving), is tasked to hunt Feeney down as he starts killing off those he holds responsible for his family's and the whole native population's misfortune.

The dynamic between the hunted and the hunter is rather interesting. They have known each other. They have fought together in Afghanistan. Feeney has served under Hannah while in the British army. He also saved Hannah's life. It's not like Hannah wants to see Feeney caught, but unless he does as he is asked, he himself is to be executed by the British for his own crimes.

The film is superbly cast despite the somewhat surprising choice of two Australian actors as the leads. Both Frecheville and Weaving are excellent in their roles. Equally excellent is the rather stellar supporting cast. Freddie Fox is suitably arrogant as a young British officer, Stephen Rea makes a welcome appearance as the interpreter for Weaving's character and his companions on their encounters with the Irish speaking population in Connemara, the ever solid Jim Broadbent appears as the local British landlord, and one of Ireland's brightest young stars, Barry Keoghan, is also in there.

The Connemara filming locations are befitting and well used but if you're expecting glorious green Irish landscapes you will be disappointed. It's all pretty desolate with nearly all colour drained from the land and the picture. Also very nice is the use of the Irish (Gaelic) language in the film even if it means some passages are subtitled. The film is rather slow, but rewarding to watch all the same. I really liked it and highly recommend it for anybody interested in this particular chapter of Irish history.

Edit: Now that I have watched the DVD I can add that English subtitles for the hard of hearing are available. Also included are the following extra features:
- Behind the Scenes featurette
- Musical Pieces
- Theatrical Trailer
48 people found this helpful
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