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The 5th Wave

5.21 h 52 min2016X-RayHDRUHD15
A group of teen survivors fight to save the human race from extinction after four waves of alien attacks decimate the planet.
J Blakeson
Chloë Grace MoretzNick RobinsonRon Livingston
Science FictionSuspenseAction
English [CC]
Audio Languages
EnglishEnglish [Audio Description]
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Supporting actors
Maggie SiffAlex RoeMaria BelloMaika MonroeZackary ArthurLiev SchreiberTony RevoloriTalitha BatemanNadji JeterAlex MacNicoll
Tobey Maguire
Columbia Pictures
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4.0 out of 5 stars

2381 global ratings

  1. 49% of reviews have 5 stars
  2. 21% of reviews have 4 stars
  3. 14% of reviews have 3 stars
  4. 7% of reviews have 2 stars
  5. 9% of reviews have 1 stars
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Top reviews from the United Kingdom

Amazon CustomerReviewed in the United Kingdom on 05 November 2020
1.0 out of 5 stars
shocking movie
Verified purchase
I don't understand how this has 4 stars, starts off reasonably well describing the first few waves and then just goes off the rails. So this alien race have extremely advanced technology enabling them to create massive global disasters including earthquakes/tsunamis/EMPs and even the ability to make them infallible human imposters. Yet they decide the best way to wipe out humans is to spend enourmous sums of resources and time training/brainswashing toddlers and teenagers to be extremely rubbish soldiers who get overwhelmed immediately despite 'the others' all being super soldiers. Oh and can immediately be completely destroyed by one 'other' going rogue. JC what an aweful story, ripping off enders game too.
Acting was genuinly shocking, coming from a Chloe Grace Morets fan too. Also, extremely weird sexual relationship between a preusmably 15/16 year old character and a grown man. The CG brain aliens looked like it was from Mars Attacks too.
I'd give it zero stars if possible.
24 people found this helpful
MirubyBoxers (A&J)Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 November 2020
2.0 out of 5 stars
Cliched dross with no redeeming features.
Verified purchase
This film "just about" ticks over with nothing much happening, the stupidity of the soldiers in camp shooting the hell out of everyone was my biggest warning not to watch further, but as I just needed background noise whilst doing other stuff I persisted, ...recommend you don't!

The child army training is HORRIBLY cliched, kids reading scripted speech that you'd expect from film forces grunts whose actual balls had dropped, not 10 year old kids being put through training speaking like grizzled army grunts with 15 years of bullying service ..simply laughable.

Plenty of pouty blonde hair moments from Ms Moretz do not make a film investment of presumably millions of dollars worthwhile, ..unless you are dumb & a prolific teen onanist whi needs to practise their craft! (no-one else would be taken in by this dross).

As per film requirements there is a buff guy bathing moment for the other side who inevitably becomes the love interest.
Amazing how in a world gone to pot there are kid uniforms & kid size technical hardwear (helmets etc) available.

You can & should do better than sit through this film.
If they tried to make this something akin to "red dawn" with aliens they failed miserably (& red dawn was bad).

I however, took 3 stints to watch this through (because it was making me groan aloud) the final scenes especially where the mention of bombs being set throughout the base (already, prior to the 2 person +1 alien assault on the base) with some unmentioned alien tech that tears the very earth apart! ...funny that, the aliens wanted the people dead & the planet intact for unknown reasons thus the "waves" ..but these days no really sh1t film would be complete without crevasses forming within seconds & the "just in time" get away.

A thoroughly messed up film that was doubtless hacked to bits to become as disjointed as it has, which any director with a conscience would want to bury in a deep ocean trench, ..instead it is here on amazon prime.

Don't waste your time.
8 people found this helpful
LOLinDarkReviewed in the United Kingdom on 06 December 2020
4.0 out of 5 stars
Rated Sensibly
Verified purchase
This is one to let the teen kids watch for sure and it would be even better if they release the sequel. Watching The 5th Wave and the sequel would make for a very good movie session during a sleepover maybe.

It's a little sad to see so many grown-ups rating a movie with so much criticism despite it obviously being aimed at a younger audience. That is where the power of reviews and star-ratings false apart because this is a very good movie if the viewer recognizes the key actors are very young themselves and the power being placed in their hands is meant to stir up emotion in a younger person.

Basically it's meant to be appealing to a teenage audience but I'm close to 40!

So now that I've explained that to anyone who might not get it. Let me say that the movie skips a lot of minor details that aren't required by a younger audience but cause a problem for the more serious, logical thinking viewer. Such viewers know what they are getting into and even though their need for logical movie adventures takes over they still watch the entire movie. It's just easy to watch and the good guys get one up on the baddies...who doesn't love that?!

The 5th Wave puts a lot of focus on the strength of characters and builds relationships. It also clearly explains the bigger picture and throws in a super-human (half-alien) character which is clearly going to excite younger viewers. It's enough to make it worth watching if you are young or bored.
2 people found this helpful
Biker_BobReviewed in the United Kingdom on 11 August 2021
4.0 out of 5 stars
I quite enjoyed this
Verified purchase
Alien invasion movie - so there have been many of them, what to do that's different?
The aliens don't attack and destroy everything outright with killer bombs of doom, they want the planet when we're all dead, so they use different styles of attack, which are the waves referred to in the title.
The film follows the journey of our young hero, from a normal high school teen existence through to a knarled survivalist resistance fighter.
There is an occasional narrative voiceover to explain some aspects of what's happening, I always prefer this method to those awful exposition scenes that a lot of films have (where one character explains something to another character for the benefit of the watching audience).
The idea of using child soldiers is not a new one, it's been done many times by us humans and in the film it is justified & explained by the dialogue between some of the characters - we are like cockroaches, the aliens know that they won't be able to kill us all with area weapons, better to get the younger ones to kill the older ones then use the implanted trackers to round up and destroy the children.
The revelation that the children have can be seen coming, but it's enjoyable to watch the characters catch up as it dawns on them what is happening.

And finally, what I really applaud is that this film hasn't fallen prey to the tired woke preaching agenda that so many have recently. This is what equality actually looks like - our hero just gets on with it, they are smart, tough, loyal, hard as nails, resourceful ...and female.
MadMaxineReviewed in the United Kingdom on 18 September 2021
2.0 out of 5 stars
Spot the YA cliches, laugh at the terrible dialogue
Verified purchase
Just... at times i was almost laughing at how terrible it was. Has prestige trappings, big budget, some good actors (Liv Shriver, Maria Bello) but the kids in this... the lead actress... who wrote her part? They created a thoroughly unlikeable character there - why do two hot guys like her again? Because she's blonde and falls over constantly and doesn't do anything smart? Because she's kinda a dick? Yeah.

One of these guys is a really hot, really nice, wet dream of a guy who's also part alien, and somehow because she stumbles around in the forest and looks up through her blonde hair at an owl he decides he believes in love and is going to betray his alien side? No. None of the character development here makes any sense at all. No slight on the actors at all. They did their best. But who greenlights this stuff? Someones dad? Or maybe the NRA? The gun fetishizing in this was next level.

There was actually some cool ideas here, the alien invasion stuff was interesting, although pretty superficially dealt – so I watched to the end – I regret it now. So I'm writing this in hopes it stops other people wasting their time. If you want to see this done better (but still cheesy) watch The Host, Twilight, the Hunger Games... I mean those do the girl-in-the-love-triangle plot with a sci-fi/fantasy backdrop way better.
So yeah. It's not a good movie.
J. GolubcovReviewed in the United Kingdom on 08 November 2020
3.0 out of 5 stars
a weak and absurd storyline
Verified purchase
As many others commented "a weak and absurd storyline. Gaping holes in any sort of credibility and lame acting".
Also what makes me personally wonder is why would you fight brainwashing with brainwashing. Uniformity with uniformity? It's like nobody is allowed to think out of the box in this film...not even when you're free off any oversight. There is always something that one will find that will literally dictate their thoughts and actions. Determinism with complete lack of individualism (that is what I find to be making this movie into a mockery of real humanity). TBH the movie is really filled with lacks,gaps and bad script combined with bad acting. 3 stars because it maintained an A movie feel to it..and I did enjoy the slow creeping in of the alien invasion (even tho the whole idea had many loopholes, there was originality to it and I do appreciate that bit a bunch and some...)
Mr. A. C. R. MundayReviewed in the United Kingdom on 12 February 2022
3.0 out of 5 stars
First half good, descends into mediocrity...
Verified purchase
I haven't read the books, so I can't comment on how the film holds up to them. I hope the books are significantly better.

The first half of the the film had me wondering where it was going but the second half made me wish it hadn't got there. The was a lack of consistency that dented its credibility. For example at one point the anatagonists seem to be superhuman, a couple of scenes later one's strangled by a mouse cable and another is disarmed and knocked out cold by a teenage boy. Maybe the book explains things a bit better but the film didn't. The aliens master plan seemed a bit half baked considering they can travel between stars, manipulate the planet's geology and can create bioweapons that make covid look like the sniffles. Also a lot of the younger cast had me wondering if it was the direction that was at fault as they consistently left me cold.

The good point included some of the acting (Chloe Moretz and Liev Schreiber worked for me in their respective roles), the general concept of the early waves of the invasion were pretty good despite the later stages being something a third rate Heath Robinson Dr. Evil would concoct.
GollumReviewed in the United Kingdom on 25 August 2019
2.0 out of 5 stars
Borderline, but probably not worth watching...
Verified purchase
Thought long and hard about whether to give this one two or three stars. Came down to whether i would recommend this or not, and ultimately i wouldn't. There's nothing really wrong about it, but there's nothing to recommend. Its one of those aliens invade earth type films where, via a contrived story line, kids are the heroines / heros. There's nothing impressive about the story; nothing impressive about the acting, although it could have been worse; and the special effects are limited. It comes across as a pilot for a series, but as far as i am aware (might be wrong), it hasn't been made into a series and that probably says it all. If you have some kids, it might keep them entertained for an afternoon / evening (although there are a couple of scenes that warrant the 15 classification), otherwise i wouldn't bother.
2 people found this helpful
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